Docker 2023: Milestones, Updates, and What’s Next

We’ve had an exciting year at Docker, with loads of product news and announcements. Don’t worry if you couldn’t keep up with the pace of our news and product releases. We’ve rounded up highlights from 2023 and look ahead to how we plan to stay the #1 most-used developer tool as we roll into 2024.

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Docker milestones & performance improvements

Docker Desktop updates

We’ve been hard at work enhancing Docker Desktop this year. Among the notable highlights:

Performance milestones

Read “Docker’s Journey Toward Enabling Lightning-Fast Developer Innovation: Unveiling Performance Milestones” to learn about:

  • 75% startup time speed improvements
  • 85x improvement in upload speed
  • 650% improvement in image download speeds
  • 71% reduction in build time
  • Resource saver mode saves 38,500 CPU hours daily. 

Download the latest Docker Desktop release to take advantage of the performance improvements.

Simplifying software supply chain management

We’ve simplified software supply chain management for developers with Docker Scout. Docker Scout policies enable teams to identify, prioritize, and fix their software quality issues at the point of creation to meet their organization’s reliability and security standards while accelerating the speed of execution and innovation. 

Learn how to achieve security and compliance goals with policy guardrails in Docker Scout. Visit the Docker Scout product page to learn more.

20 new Docker extensions

Twenty new Docker extensions were added to the Docker extension marketplace in 2023. We highlighted a few extensions on the Docker blog, including Kubescape, NebulaGraph, Gefyra, LocalStack, and Grafana. Explore Docker Hub to discover more extensions, and use the Docker Extensions SDK to create and share your own.

New Docker features 

We also announced:

All things AI/ML

2023 will be known as the year of AI/ML. For 2024, our investments in AI promise to bring new services and functionality to Docker customers. Recent announcements include:

Also check out our blog post “Why Are There More Than 100 Million Pull Requests for AI/ML Images on Docker Hub?” to learn how Docker is providing a powerful tool for AI/ML development.

Expanding developer experiences

AtomicJar joins Docker

In December, we were excited to welcome AtomicJar, the makers of Testcontainers, to the Docker family. “Docker already accelerates the ‘inner loop’ app development steps — build, verify (through Docker Scout), run, debug, and share — and now, with AtomicJar and Testcontainers, we’re adding ‘test,’” explains Docker CEO Scott Johnston. As a result, developers using Docker will be able to deliver quality applications faster and with less effort. Read our announcement blog post and FAQ to learn more about AtomicJar and Testcontainers.

Mutagen joins Docker

In June, we announced the acquisition of Mutagen, the company behind the open source Mutagen file synchronization and networking technologies that enable high-performance remote development. The Mutagen File Sync feature of Docker Desktop takes file sharing to new heights with up to a 16.5x improvement in performance. To try it and help influence Docker’s future, sign up for the Docker Desktop Preview Program.

Microsoft Dev Box and Docker Desktop

We announced our partnership with the Microsoft Dev Box team to bring additional benefits to developer onboarding, environment set-up, security, and administration with Docker Desktop. You can navigate to the Azure Marketplace to download the Docker Desktop-Dev Box compatible image and start developing in the cloud with a native experience. Additionally, this image can be activated with your current subscription, or you can buy a Docker Business subscription directly on Azure Marketplace.

Docker and Snowflake collaboration

At Snowflake BUILD, we announced Docker Desktop with Snowpark Container Services (private preview). Watch the session to learn more about accelerating deployments of data workloads with Docker and Snowpark. 

Docker in action

Customer highlights from 2023 include:

What’s next

In October at DockerCon, Docker and Udemy announced a partnership to offer developers accessible learning paths to further their Docker education. Read the announcement blog post to learn more about what we’ve planned.

Want to dive deeper into Docker? DockerCon videos are available now on YouTube. 

Do your New Year goals include expanding your Docker expertise? Watch the on-demand webinar Docker Fundamentals: Get the Most Out of Docker.

Check out our public roadmap to help steer the future of Docker.

Thank you to our community of developers, Docker Captains and Community Leaders, customers, and partners! We look forward to our continued work building our future together in the New Year. 

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