Docker and Hugging Face Partner to Democratize AI

Today, Hugging Face and Docker are announcing a new partnership to democratize AI and make it accessible to all software engineers. Hugging Face is the most used open platform for AI, where the machine learning (ML) community has shared more than 150,000 models; 25,000 datasets; and 30,000 ML apps, including Stable Diffusion, Bloom, GPT-J, and open source ChatGPT alternatives. These apps enable the community to explore models, replicate results, and lower the barrier of entry for ML — anyone with a browser can interact with the models.

Docker is the leading toolset for easy software deployment, from infrastructure to applications. Docker is also the leading platform for software teams’ collaboration.

Docker and Hugging Face partner so you can launch and deploy complex ML apps in minutes. With the recent support for Docker on Hugging Face Spaces, folks can create any custom app they want by simply writing a Dockerfile. What’s great about Spaces is that once you’ve got your app running, you can easily share it with anyone worldwide! 🌍 Spaces provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and enables users to build ML demos with their preferred tools — from MLOps tools and FastAPI to Go endpoints and Phoenix apps.

Spaces also come with pre-defined templates of popular open source projects for members that want to get their end-to-end project in production in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks.

Screen showing options to select the space sdk, with docker and 3 templates selected.

Spaces enable easy deployment of ML apps in all environments, not just on Hugging Face. With “Run with Docker,” millions of software engineers can access more than 30,000 machine learning apps and run them locally or in their preferred environment.

Screen showing app options, with run with docker selected.

“At Hugging Face, we’ve worked on making AI more accessible and more reproducible for the past six years,” says Clem Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face. “Step 1 was to let people share models and datasets, which are the basic building blocks of AI. Step 2 was to let people build online demos for new ML techniques. Through our partnership with Docker Inc., we make great progress towards Step 3, which is to let anyone run those state-of-the-art AI models locally in a matter of minutes.”

You can also discover popular Spaces in the Docker Hub and run them locally with just a couple of commands.

To get started, read Effortlessly Build Machine Learning Apps with Hugging Face’s Docker Spaces. Or try Hugging Face Spaces now.


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