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How Tabcorp Accelerated Delivery Velocity with Docker

About company: Tabcorp is Australia's largest gambling company
Industry: Entertainment
Company size: 5,000+ employees
Location: Australia
Product: Docker Desktop


Tabcorp’s evolutionary leap with Docker’s advanced containerization

Tabcorp, a titan in Australia’s entertainment and gambling landscape, is the driving force behind renowned brands such as TAB and Sky Racing. As a $4 billion (AUD) enterprise, Tabcorp faced the intricate challenge of delivering state-of-the-art solutions amidst the constraints of regulatory restrictions, legacy systems, and manual processes. With its modern containerization capabilities, Docker emerged as the beacon of transformation, offering a comprehensive approach to environment standardization, deployment simplification, and delivery acceleration.

Company profile

About Tabcorp

Tabcorp is Australia’s largest gambling company, employing more than 5,000 people. It is the largest provider of wagering and gaming products and services in Australia. Tabcorp is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.


The labyrinth of development and deployment challenges

Tabcorp’s development environment was a multifaceted web of diverse teams, each deploying services such as Java, Scala, NodeJs, and Microsoft .Net directly to hardware. This fragmented approach led to inconsistencies throughout the development lifecycle. The use of Ansible, while providing automation, came with its own set of challenges. Its manual setup process was prone to errors, leading to further inconsistencies. This disjointed infrastructure delayed the rollout of new features and posed a strategic challenge: Tabcorp needed a solution to allow the company to maintain its leadership position in a competitive market and modernize its aging infrastructure.


Embracing Docker’s comprehensive containerization

In its pursuit of operational agility and excellence, Tabcorp turned to Docker. The integration of Docker into Tabcorp’s development process was a revolutionary shift. Docker’s containerization capabilities ensure that code developed and tested on a local machine would behave consistently when deployed to the cloud. This uniformity was instrumental in boosting developer confidence and productivity.

For instance, Tabcorp’s teams frequently faced challenges when setting up databases for different projects. With Docker, they could easily containerize databases, ensuring every developer had access to the same version and configuration. This approach eliminated inconsistencies from team members using different database versions or configurations.

Moreover, Docker’s ability to facilitate local testing of every microservice without the complexities of Linux environments and Amazon EKS cluster setups added immense value. Developers could use Docker to replicate the production environment on their local machines when developing new features for the company’s online betting platform. This allowed them to test new features in an environment that closely mirrored the live platform, ensuring there were no surprises when the features rolled out to customers.

Key benefits

Consistency, speed, and choice

By leveraging these benefits, Tabcorp was able to significantly enhance its development and deployment processes, positioning itself as a leader in the competitive entertainment and gambling industry.

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Consistency across environments

Docker ensured that applications behaved the same way in every environment, from a developer's local machine to the production server.

Icon 02 keybenefits

Rapid deployment

Docker's containerization reduced deployment times, allowing quicker releases and updates.

Icon 03 keybenefits

Efficient local testing

Developers could replicate production environments locally, streamlining the testing process and reducing errors.

Icon 04 keybenefits

Database containerization

Teams could easily set up and share consistent database environments, eliminating discrepancies arising from different configurations or versions.

Icon 05 keybenefits

Integration with existing tools

Docker seamlessly integrated with Tabcorp's existing development tools and pipelines, enhancing their utility.

Icon 06 keybenefits

Reduced overhead

Docker eliminated the need for complex setups and configurations, reducing the overhead of maintaining multiple development environments.

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Enhanced developer productivity

With a consistent environment and reduced troubleshooting, developers could focus more on innovation and less on fixing environment-related issues.


Continuous innovation with rapid and consistent feature rollouts

The introduction of Docker into Tabcorp’s ecosystem was transformative. Developers were now equipped with the tools to develop, test, and run applications locally, mirroring production environments. This newfound agility meant the focus shifted from troubleshooting environment inconsistencies to innovation.

Docker’s container platform bridged the gap between legacy systems and modern architectures, leading to significant time savings, especially in areas previously dominated by manual installations and troubleshooting. For instance, when rolling out updates to their apps, Tabcorp’s teams could use Docker to quickly spin up instances of the app’s backend services, allowing them to test the updates in a controlled environment before releasing them to the public.

The results were unequivocal: Docker’s integration led to marked improvements in Tabcorp’s agility, feature velocity, and overall operational efficiency. The ability to quickly test and deploy new features gave Tabcorp a significant advantage in the fast-paced online entertainment and gambling world.

Tabcorp’s collaboration with Docker is a testament to the transformative potential of contemporary containerization technology. By integrating Docker, Tabcorp rejuvenated its application delivery process and laid the groundwork for a culture of continuous innovation.

Docker’s seamless integration fortified Tabcorp’s position in the competitive landscape, ensuring rapid and consistent feature rollouts. Their ongoing partnership with Docker is a testament to their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. Tabcorp’s success story with Docker offers a roadmap for enterprises aiming to modernize their operations, emphasizing the importance of agility, consistency, and innovation in today’s dynamic business environment.

"Docker has always been our choice. Its unmatched functionality and features set it apart."

James Katsis
Lead for Automation & Engineering Team, Tabcorp

"With Docker, database management becomes effortless. It's about updating and running the image, eliminating the hassles of constant installations."

Helder Vong
Technical Lead, Tabcorp

"Docker's versatility across languages makes it a favorite. It's the go-to for many teams to manage instances without direct installations."

Helder Vong
Technical Lead, Tabcorp

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