Announcing the Docker AI/ML Hackathon 2023 Winners

The week of DockerCon 2023 in Los Angeles, we announced the kick-off of the Docker AI/ML Hackathon. The hackathon ran as a virtual event from October 3 to November 7 with support from partners including DataStax, Livecycle,, Neo4j, and OctoML. Leading up to the submission deadline, we ran a series of webinars on topics ranging from getting started with Docker Hub to setting up computer vision AI models on Docker, and more. You can watch the collection of webinars on YouTube.

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The Docker AI/ML Hackathon encouraged participants to build solutions that were innovative, applicable in real life, use Docker technology, and have an impact on developer productivity. We made a lot of announcements at DockerCon, including the new GenAI Stack, and we couldn’t wait to see how developers would put this to work in their projects.  

Participants competed for US$ 20,000 in cash prizes and exclusive Docker swag. Judging was based on criteria such as applicability, innovativeness, incorporation of Docker tooling, and impact on the developer experience and productivity. Read on to learn who took home the top prizes.

The winners

1st place

Signal0ne — This project automates insights from failed containers and anomalous resource usage through anomaly detection algorithms and a Docker desktop extension. Developed using Python and Angular, the Signal0ne tool provides rapid, accurate log analysis, even enabling self-debugging. The project’s key achievements include quick issue resolution for experienced engineers and enhanced debugging capabilities for less experienced ones.

2nd place

SeamlessML: Docker-Powered Serverless Model Orchestration — SeamlessML addresses the AI model deployment bottleneck by providing a simplified, scalable, and cost-effective solution. Leveraging Docker and serverless technologies, it enables easy deployment of machine learning models as scalable API endpoints, abstracting away complexities like server management and load balancing. The team successfully reduced deployment time from hours to minutes and created a local testing setup for confident cloud-like deployments.

3rd place

Dionysus — Dionysus is a developer collaboration platform that streamlines teamwork through automatic code documentation, efficient codebase search, and AI-powered meeting transcription. Built with a microservice architecture using NextJS for the frontend and a Python backend API, Docker containerization, and integration with GitHub, Dionysus simplifies development workflows. The team overcame challenges in integrating AI effectively, ensuring real-time updates and creating a user-friendly interface, resulting in a tool that automates code documentation, facilitates contextual code search, and provides real-time AI-driven meeting transcription.

Honorable mentions

The following winners took home swag prizes. We received so many fantastic submissions that we awarded honorable mentions to four more teams than originally planned!

What’s next?

Check out all project submissions on the Docker AI/ML Hackathon gallery page. Also, check out and contribute to the GenAI Stack project on GitHub and sign up to join the Docker AI Early Access program. We can’t wait to see what projects you create.

We had so much fun seeing the creativity that came from this hackathon. Stay tuned until the next one!

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