Accelerating Developer Velocity with Microsoft Dev Box and Docker Desktop

Building a foundation of structure and stability is paramount for the success of any development team, regardless of its size. It’s the key to unlocking velocity, ensuring top-notch quality, and maximizing the return on your investments in developer tools. Recognizing the pivotal role in simplifying application development, we’re taking another leap forward, announcing our partnership with the Microsoft Dev Box team to bring additional benefits to developer onboarding, environment set-up, security, and administration with Docker Desktop

Today at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft’s Anthony Cangialosi and Sagar Lankala shared how Microsoft Dev Box and Docker Desktop can release developers’ reliance on physical workstations and intricate, hard-to-deploy application infrastructures. This collaborative effort focuses on streamlining onboarding to new projects while bolstering security and efficiency.

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Consider the positive impact: 

  • Improved developer productivity: Before this collaboration, setting up the development environment consumed valuable developer time. Now, with Docker and Microsoft’s collaboration, the focus shifts to boosting developer efficiency and productivity and concentrating on meaningful work rather than setup and configuration tasks.
  • Streamlined administration: Previously, developers had to individually download Docker Desktop as a crucial part of their dev toolkit. Now, it’s possible to pre-configure and install Desktop, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Security at scale: Previously, acquiring necessary assets meant developers had to navigate internal or external sources. With our solution, you can ensure the requisite images/apps are readily available, enhancing security protocols.

Together, we’re delivering a turnkey solution designed to empower individual developers, small businesses, and enterprise development teams. This initiative is poised to expedite project onboarding, facilitating quick dives into new endeavors with unparalleled ease. Join us on this journey toward enhanced efficiency, productivity, and a smoother development experience.

We invite you to navigate to the Azure Marketplace to download the Docker Desktop-Dev Box compatible image and start developing in the cloud with a native experience. Additionally, this image can be activated with your current subscription, or you can buy a Docker Business subscription directly on Azure Marketplace.

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