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Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins of distributed applications.

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New: Docker Subscription for Enterprise

Build, ship and run your Docker container-based applications inside your firewall.

  • Dedicated Docker image storage
  • Commercial support subscription
  • Support SLAs to match your app SLAs
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New: Docker Orchestration Tools

Assemble multi-container apps, run on any infrastructure.

  • Provision Docker on any infrastructure, from laptop to public cloud instance
  • Compose an app using both proprietary containers and Docker Hub Official Repos
  • Manage all containers of an app as a single group
  • Cluster an application’s containers to optimize resources and provide high-availability
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            build: .
            command: python
              - "5000:5000"
              - .:/code
              - redis
              - PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1
            image: redis:latest
            command: redis-server --appendonly yes


Develop an app using Docker containers with any language and any toolchain.


Ship the “Dockerized” app and dependencies anywhere - to QA, teammates, or the cloud - without breaking anything.


Scale to 1000s of nodes, move between data centers and clouds, update with zero downtime and more.

What Is Docker?

An open platform for distributed applications
Docker Engine
A portable, lightweight application runtime and packaging tool.
Docker Hub
A cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows.

How Is It Used?

Gilt Distributed Applications to Scale
Distributed Applications to Scale

"At Gilt, we are moving all of our software to run on Docker's platform. Gilt runs on a very modern micro services architecture; Docker helps us keep services isolated and simplifies our continuous delivery pipeline that in turn encourages innovation and experimentation across all of our teams."

Michael Bryzek, Gilt Groupe Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Gilt Uses Private Repos
Yelp Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration

"Docker has been a vital part of Yelp's next generation testing and service management infrastructure. Isolation of dependencies and rapid spin up of containers has allowed us to shorten development cycles and increase testing speed by more than four times."

Sam Eaton, Yelp Engineering Director.

Yelp Uses These Public Repos: