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The Docker Solution



Docker allows you to compose your application from microservices, without worrying about inconsistencies between development and production environments, and without locking into any platform or language.



Docker lets you design the entire cycle of application development, testing and distribution, and manage it with a consistent user interface.



Docker offers you the ability to deploy scalable services, securely and reliably, on a wide variety of platforms.

Why Docker?

Achieve agility and control for Development and IT Operations teams to build, ship, and run any app, anywhere



Docker gives developers the freedom to define environments, and create and deploy apps faster and easier, and flexibility for IT ops to quickly respond to change.



Docker enables developers to own all the code from infrastructure to app, and the manageability for IT ops to standardize, secure and scale the operating environment.



Docker gives you choice without complexity, from a laptop to a team, to private infrastructure and public cloud providers.

Docker Use Cases

Enterprises are using the Docker Containers-as-a-Service platform within their enterprise. Here are some of the main use cases. To learn more just click the buttons underneath each.