Docker Captains

Meet the Docker experts sharing their knowledge online and offline around the world!

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Docker Captain Program

Docker Captain is a distinction that Docker awards select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. Captains are Docker ambassadors (not employees) and their commitment to sharing their expertise has a huge impact on the Docker community – whether they are blogging, writing books, speaking, running workshops, creating tutorials and classes, offering support in forums, or organizing and contributing to local events – they help make Docker’s mission of democratizing technology possible.

Docker Captains are eager to bring their technical expertise to new audiences both offline and online around the world – don’t hesitate to reach out to them via the social links below!

If you’re interested in becoming a Docker Captain, please send an email to [email protected]

Docker Captains

Adrian mouat

Adrian Mouat

Product Manager @ Chainguard, Edinburgh, Scotland

Adrian has been involved with containers from the early days of Docker and authored the O’Reilly book “Using Docker”. He works at Chainguard ( whose mission is to make the software lifecycle secure by default. His current project is developing secure...

Antonis kalipetis

Antonis Kalipetis

CTO, SourceLair, Athens, Greece

Antonis Kalipetis CTO, SourceLair, Athens, Greece Antonis is a Senior Software Engineer at — the leading online food delivery service in Greece. He is a Python lover and developer who helps teams embrace containers and improve their development workflow. He...

Aurélie vache

Aurélie Vache

DevRel @ OVHcloud, Toulouse, France

DevRel at OVHcloud in Toulouse, France. She is GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Cloud technologies, Docker captain, CNCF ambassador & Kubernetes for Developers certified. She has been working as a Developer and Ops for over 15 years. Cloud enthusiast and...

Don bauer

Don Bauer

DevOps Director @ S&P Global, Rockwall TX, USA

Don Bauer started his career in 2007 as a metrics analyst and systems engineer with Charter Communications. Since then, he has held roles in development, infrastructure, architecture and operations for both enterprise corporations and startups. He immediately...

Francesco ciulla

Francesco Ciulla

Developer Advocate for, Roma, Italy

Hello, I'm Francesco, from Rome (Italy). I worked as a full-stack Engineer at Copernicus Project (European Space Agency) and am currently Developer Advocate for I am very active on Social Media (especially Twitter and YouTube in this period) I have...

Julie lerman

Julie Lerman

Owner, The Data Farm, Burlington, VT, USA

Julie Lerman is a Microsoft Regional director and a long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades. She makes her living as a mentor and consultant to software teams around the world. You can find Julie presenting on Docker, Domain-Driven...

Lee calcote

Lee Calcote

Layer5, Austin, TX, USA

Lee Calcote is an innovative product and technology leader, passionate about empowering engineers and enabling organizations. As Founder and CEO of Layer5, Lee Calcote is at the forefront of the cloud native movement. Previously, Calcote stewarded technology...

Lucas santos

Lucas Santos

Senior Software Engineer @ Klarna, Stockholm, Sweden

Lucas works as Software Engineer at Klarna. Technology lover and, since 2011, works with cloud-native applications. Loves to teach and learn, writer of "Kubernetes: Everything you need to know about container orchestration". Granted the title of Google Developer...

Łukasz lach

Łukasz Lach

Software Architect,, Warsaw, Poland

Łukasz Lach is a Docker Captain from Poland, Docker Certified Associate and Docker Community Leader in Warsaw. At the University of Warsaw, he conducts classes with students of the 2nd and 3rd year on the subject of efficient and scalable Internet applications based...

Nana janashia

Nana Janashia

DevOps Engineer and Trainer, Vienna, AT

Nana Janashia is a DevOps engineer and trainer. She started the Techworld with Nana channel to share her expertise about various DevOps topics and to help DevOps enthusiasts get into the field easier and with more motivation. Through her channel and different courses,...

Nick janetakis

Nick Janetakis

Full stack developer / SRE, New York, USA

Nick Janetakis is a full stack developer, SRE and tutorial creator who spends his time doing contract work and creating online courses. He is the creator of the Dive Into Docker course which is a comprehensive video course to learn how to use Docker and Docker...

Nuno do carmo

Nuno Do Carmo

Tech Writer @ SUSE Rancher, Chamby, Switzerland

Nuno is a Tech Writer at SUSE Rancher. He’s also a CNCF Ambassador, Microsoft MVP and passionate for Cloud Native technologies. He is specially invested on bringing the Cloud Native technologies to Windows and more specifically Windows Subsystem for Linux. He is...

Rachid zarouali

Rachid Zarouali

Cloud Architect @ Sevensphere, GLEIZE, France

Rachid Zarouali is a Docker Captain, Community Leader, international speaker and trainer In his previous roles as head of the infrastructure team for the French registry and C.I.O of a worldwide recognized CRM and E-COMMERCE agency, he recognized the need to bring the...

Rafael gomes

Rafael Gomes

DevOps Tech Lead, Salvador, Brasil

I'm DevOps Engineer, technical writer and speaker. It has been a long time since I felt in love with Linux and, while that I had the opportunity to work as a developer infrastructure using Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Docker. One of the benefits of working as a DevOps...

Rob richardson

Rob Richardson

Developer Advocate, Provo, UT, USA

Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, React and Vue. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software...

Scott coulton

Scott Coulton

Microsoft, Nabiac, Australia

Scott Coulton is a Developer Advocate and Docker captain with 15 years of experience as a software engineer in the managed services and hosting space. He has extensive experience in architecture and rolling out distributed compute systems and network solutions for...

Simon aronsson

Simon Aronsson

Engineering Manager @ Canonical

Simme is the lead maintainer of the popular open-source container update automation tool Watchtower. Other than being a long-time docker user, he’s heavily into site reliability engineering in general, observability in particular, as well as everything cloud-native....

Sujay pillai

Sujay Pillai

Cloud Advisory Manager @ Accenture, Penang, Malaysia

Sujay is a certified Microsoft Azure Architect and currently works as a Cloud Advisory Manager at ACCENTURE. He oversees the Azure/AWS platform and helps customers with the designand deployment of solutions in cloud using infrastructure-as-code methodologies, building...

Martin terp

Martin Terp

Senior Consultant @ Trifork.Security, Aalborg, Denmark

Martin has always described himself as a guy with Docker blood running in his veins, ever since he started working with Docker in 2016, he found it natural to share his knowledge, and started contributing to the Docker community, where he have been a familiar name...

Thorsten hans

Thorsten Hans

Cloud-Native Consultant at Thinktecture AG

Thorsten works as a consultant at Thinktecture in Germany. He drives the architecting and implementing of cloud-native applications leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, PaaS, and serverless technologies. He teaches and coaches developer teams to adopt new technology trends...

Julien maitrehenry

Julien Maitrehenry

CEO & Cloud Architect at Kumojin

Julien is a senior software developer, specialize in DevOps, Agile practices and Cloud development. He has over 15 years of experiences in application, architecture, development and deployment. He is a high quality coder who enjoys sharing his passion with his teams ,...

Damian naprawa

Damian Naprawa

Software Architect, Capgemini

Software Architect, containers enthusiast, trainer and evangelist. Helps Developers’ Teams understand containers and migrate their apps from monoliths to microservices – including migration to the cloud and Kubernetes. Shares his knowledge on his blog/podcast –...

Darragh grealish

Darragh Grealish

CTO at 56k.Cloud

Based in Switzerland working both hands-on and consulting with various international clients, Darragh is the Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud, as start-up focused on the developer tooling and cloud-native enablement of network and telecoms technologies, a former employee of...

Mama samba braima nelson djalo

Mama Samba Braima Nelson Djalo

Fouder @ Amigoscode

Hello World. I am Mama Samba Braima AKA Nelson! I am a passionate Software Engineer and YouTuber teaching and helping thousands of people around the world how to code or how to become professional software engineers through my YouTube channel and online courses. My...

Tobias fenster

Tobias Fenster

Managing Partner @ 4PS Germany

Tobias Fenster started as a developer in the 1990s. Holding different positions including Head of Technical Consulting, Head of Development and CTO for multiple Microsoft partners during his career, he is now a Managing Partner at 4PS Germany. He is also a Microsoft...

Vinicius apolinario

Vinicius Apolinario

Senior Cloud Advocate @ Microsoft

Vinicius has been working with IT for 20+ years. He has a passion for helping ITPros/Ops and whenever possible, you'll see him on conferences engaging with customers and community. Vinicius holds many Microsoft certifications, has 2 books published (Learning Hyper-V,...

Edith erika puclla pareja

Edith Erika Puclla Pareja

Technology Evangelist @Percona

Edi is a Tech Evangelist at Percona Corporation, an open source contributor, and a student at Code in Place and 42 Silicon Valley School in California in 2020. Part of the Outreachy Internship in 2021. Docker Captain, with more than 5 years of DevOps experience. She...

Batuhan apaydın

Batuhan Apaydın

Platform Engineer @Trendyol, Istanbul, Turkey

Batuhan Apaydın a.k.a. developer-guy has been very active in Software Supply Chain Security space. He is eager to learn more about it in all aspects because he know this topic will become one of the upmost critical topics that everybody has to be concerned and create...

Julian könig

Julian König

Developer @ j&s-soft GmbH, Freiburg, Germany

Julian König is an open-minded developer, techie and open source enthusiast. His current technical focus is on backend development with Go and TypeScript and frontend development with Dart and Flutter. He's also involved in DevOps and CI/CD. He lives in the city of...

Harsh manvar

Harsh Manvar

Senior Software Engineer @ Oracle, Rajkot, India

Harsh Manvar has been a Docker fan since 2017. He is a Senior Software Engineer, Docker Captain, and avid contributor at Stack Overflow. Deeply passionate about creating scalable and highly available infrastructure architecture. He enjoys speaking on subjects like...

Ulises gascon

Ulises Gascon

Architect @ One Beyond, Madrid, Spain

Ulises Gascon has more than 10 years of experience as a software engineer, having worked for companies such as Google, IBM, consultancy firms, and startups. He is a core team member and top contributor to several open source organizations and projects, including...

Vladimir mikhalev

Vladimir Mikhalev

DevOps Consultant / Team Lead, Toronto, Canada

Vladimir Mikhalev, who is widely known as Valdemar, is a seasoned IT professional, bringing over 20 years of experience to the table and having honed his skills at tech giants including IBM, Thales, and Amazon. As a DevOps Consultant and Team Lead, Valdemar's...

Hamida rebai

Hamida Rebai

Cloud Solution Architecte @Revenu Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Hamida Rebai is a senior Cloud Solution Architect at Revenu Quebec, has been working in the computing domain for over 13 years. She started her professional career in Tunisia as a software developer, then as a .NET consultant when she moved to Canada, she focuses on...

Rossana suarez

Rossana Suarez

Tech Lead DevOps @naranjax, Quebec, Argentina

Rossana Suarez @RoxsRoss is a systems engineer in Argentina with more than 10 years of experience designing, implementing and managing the development of software applications, DevOps and Mentor, experience with Docker, container life cycle and kubernetes in cloud...

Nilesh gule

Nilesh Gule

Enterprise Architect ad DBS Bank Ltd, Singapore

An experienced IT professional with over two decades of experience in Banking, Insurance, Retail & Healthcare domains. A lifelong learner who likes to share his learnings with developer community via blogs, YouTube videos, public speaking at conferences and also...