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Docker Captains Program

Help steer Docker into the future

We’re on the lookout for passionate developers who love our community just as much as we do.

About the program

What it means to be a Docker Captain

Docker Captains are technical experts and passionate community builders who drive Docker’s ecosystem forward. As active contributors and advocates, they share Docker knowledge and help shape Docker products.


Program perks

Benefits of being a Captain

Becoming a Captain opens up opportunities for career growth, networking, and professional development. Our Captains have a direct line to Docker, get beta access to products, receive Docker swag, enjoy community support, and much more.

Icon visibility

Visibility and recognition

Stand out as a Docker expert. Join exclusive events, access Docker customers, and seize networking and career opportunities.

Icon beta

Beta access

Get your hands on beta versions of Docker products and influence their development. Create unique content before anyone else.

Icon connection

Connection with Docker staff

Directly interact with Docker staff, ask questions, provide feedback, and gain insider insights.

Icon swag

Docker swag and discounts

Receive exclusive Docker swag, special access, and discounts on Docker Pro and partner products.

Icon community

Community support

Join a private Slack channel to connect with other Docker Captains and staff, share ideas, and solve technical issues.

Icon offsite

Annual Captains offsites

Be a part of annual events with Docker Captains and staff. Discuss Docker developments and collaborate on projects.

Icon education

Education budget

Enhance your knowledge and expertise with Docker-related training or courses, covered by an education budget for Captains.

Eligibility criteria

How to become a Docker Captain

  • Must be 18+
  • Show technical expertise in Docker and related technologies
  • Demonstrate active community involvement and thought leadership
  • Provide valuable feedback and ideas for Docker’s products and features
  • Possess a strong online presence with a significant audience or following
  • Have a history of significant contributions to the Docker community
  • Abide by the Docker Community Code of Conduct
    Note: This program is open internationally.

Application requirements

What you need to apply

In addition to the eligibility criteria, Captain applicants should fit into at least one of the following categories:

Docker Advisor

Be endorsed by a member from the Docker engineering or product team, highlighting your proficiency in Docker technologies.

Criteria: A recommendation from a Docker team member.

Docker Thought Leader

Demonstrate your influence online, showcasing leadership in the Docker realm.

Criteria: At least 5,000 monthly views across blogs, social media, or other online avenues.

Docker Community Contributor

Show significant contributions to the Docker community through content creation, event participation, or open-source engagements.

Criteria: 5+ years of experience in community leadership or aiding individuals online.

Special exceptions

Sail the extra mile

Even if you don’t meet all the criteria, you might still be called for an interview if:

  • You fit multiple categories
  • A Docker member or Captain vouches for you
  • You are part of an underrepresented group
  • You’re located in a geographical region of particular interest
  • Your application is innovative, and you show genuine enthusiasm

Renewal Process

Looking to renew your Captain status?

Docker Captains enjoy a term of one year. To qualify for renewal, Captains need to persistently meet their joining criteria and continuously contribute to the Docker community. Renewals are evaluated by Docker at the end of each term.




Our Captains


Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Julian König
Senior Developer
j&s-soft GmbH
Learn more
San Francisco, CA, USA
Alex Iankoulski
Principal Solutions Architect, AI/ML Frameworks
Amazon Web Services
Learn more
Singapore, Singapore
Nilesh Gule
Enterprise Architect ad DBS Bank Ltd
DBS Bank Ltd
Learn more
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Paloma Lataliza
Cloud Engineer
Learn more
Toronto, Canada
Vladimir Mikhalev
DevOps Consultant / Team Lead
Learn more
Cheshire, UK
Nigel Poulton
Content creator
Learn more
San Francisco, CA, USA
Prakhar Srivastav
Senior Software Engineer
Learn more
Mielec, Poland
Damian Naprawa
Software Architect
Learn more
Toulouse, France
Aurélie Vache
Learn more
Quebec, Canada
Hamida Rebai
Cloud Solution Architecte
Revenu Quebec
Learn more
Montreal, Canada
David Cardozo
Chief Analyst ML Scientist
Learn more
Berlin, Germany
Sergei Shitikov
Lead Software Engineer
Learn more
Rome, Italy
Francesco Ciulla
Developer Advocate
Learn more
Bonita, CA, USA
Michele Leroux Bustamante
President and Cloud / Security Architect
Solliance Inc
Learn more
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Camilla Martins
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Learn more
Norrköping, Sweden
Simon Aronsson
Engineering Manager
Learn more
Penang, Malaysia
Sujay Pillai
Cloud Advisory Manager
Learn more
Athens, Greece
Antonis Kalipetis
Software Engineer
Learn more
Nabiac, Australia
Scott Coulton
Principal developer advocate
Learn more
Denver, CO, USA
Melissa McKay
Developer Advocate
Learn more
Freiburg, Germany
Nicholas Dille
Senior DevOps Engineer
Haufe Group
Learn more
Quebec, Canada
Julien Maitrehenry
CEO & Cloud Architect
Learn more
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Arun Gupta
Vice President and General Manager, Open Ecosystem, Intel
Learn more
Hyderabad, India
Abhishek Veeramalla
Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat
Learn more
Indore, India
Sarthak Shrivastava
Full Stack Engineer
Learn more
Bochum, Germany
Camilla Hemmer
Machine Learning Team Lead
Learn more
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Raeveen Pasupathy
Platform Engineer
Learn more
Provo, UT, USA
Rob Richardson
Portfolio Architect
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Learn more
Austin, TX, USA
Lee Calcote
Learn more
Aalborg, Denmark
Martin Terp
Senior Consultant
Learn more
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA
Eric Smalling
Staff Solutions Architect
Learn more
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rossana Suarez
Tech Lead DevOps
Learn more
Trieste, Italy
Marco Franzon
Data Engineer
eXact lab
Learn more
Ankara, Turkey
Çiğdem Kadakoğlu
Senior Cloud&DevOps Engineer
Learn more
Fairfax, VA, USA
Brandon Mitchell
Open Source Developer
Learn more
Nürnberg, Germany
Timo Stark
Principal Technical Product Manager NGINX
Learn more
Castle Douglas, United Kingdom
Oli Sturm
Chief Evangelist
Learn more
Melbourne, Australia
Jorge Arteiro
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate
Learn more
Copenhagen, Denmark
Lukasz Dynowski
Independend Consultant
SRP Consultancy
Learn more
Seattle, WA, USA
Vinicius Apolinario
Principal Cloud Advocate
Learn more
Dublin, Ireland
Andrew Pruski
Field Solutions Architect
Pure Storage
Learn more
Madrid, Spain
Ulises Gascon
One Beyond
Learn more
Vancouver, Canada
Max Proske
Director, Software Development
SIX12 Creative
Learn more
Durham, NC, USA
Nirmal Mehta
Principal Specialist Solutions Architect
Learn more
Bucaramanga, Colombia
Yhary Estefania Arias Trillo
Machine Learning Engineer
Learn more
Rajkot, India
Harsh Manvar
Senior Software Engineer
Learn more
New York City, NY, USA
Nick Janetakis
Full stack developer / SRE
Learn more
Golden, CO, USA
Will Crum
Software Engineer
Learn more
Uruguay, Uruguay
Marcos Lilljedahl
Senior Backend Engineer
Learn more
Medellin, Colombia
Esteban Maya Cadavid
Founding Engineer
Learn more
Istanbul, Turkey
Batuhan Apaydın
Platform Engineer
Learn more
Rockwall, TX, USA
Don Bauer
DevOps Director
S&P Global
Learn more
Warsaw, Poland
Łukasz Lach
Senior Software Architect
CD Projekt
Learn more
Ayacucho, Perú
Edith Erika Puclla Pareja
Technology Evangelist
Learn more
San Diego, CA, USA
Prabesh Thapa
Site Reliability Engineer
Learn more
Visakhapatnam, India
Kunchala Vikram
Senior Technical Specialist
Learn more
Chorleywood, UK
James Spurin
DevOps Consultant and Course/Content Creator
Learn more
Berlin, Germany
Sebastián Ramírez
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Learn more
Nonnweiler, Germany
Thorsten Hans
Cloud-Native Consultant
Thinktecture AG
Learn more
London, UK
Mama Samba Braima Nelson Djalo
Learn more
Medellin, Colombia
Maris Botero
Data Scientist Engineer
Mercado Libre
Learn more
Burlington, VT, USA
Julie Lerman
The Data Farm
Learn more
GLEIZE, France
Rachid Zarouali
Cloud Architect
Learn more
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Mohammad-Ali A’râbi
Software Engineer
Learn more
Virginia Beach, VA, USA
Bret Fisher
Independent DevOps course creator and trainer
Learn more
Zaragoza, Spain
Angel Borroy
Developer Evangelist
Learn more
Ulm, Germany
Tobias Fenster
Managing Partner
4PS Germany
Learn more
Vienna, Austria
Nana Janashia
DevOps Consultant
TechWorld with Nana
Learn more
Osaka, Japan
Masahito Zembutsu
Technical Communicator / Engineer
SAKURA internet, inc
Learn more
Edinburgh, Scotland
Adrian Mouat
Product Manager
Learn more
Winterthur, Switzerland
Darragh Grealish
Learn more

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