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Sergei Shitikov

Lead Software Engineer @ Resido

Hello, I'm Sergei Shitikov, a Lead Software Engineer based in Berlin. Since 2018, I've been deeply immersed in the world of Docker, leveraging it extensively in my professional life. My journey with Docker began as a tool to streamline and simplify development processes, and it has since become an integral part of my daily workflow. At work, my team and I rely on Docker, Docker Compose, and Docker Desktop to manage our local and staging environments, and we are increasingly integrating it into our production systems. This hands-on experience has not only enhanced my technical expertise but also allowed me to appreciate the transformative impact Docker has on development efficiency and scalability. My passion for Docker extends beyond just using it as a tool. Recently, I participated in Docker's Design Partner Program for Docker Scout, where I actively contributed feedback on product usage. This experience was particularly rewarding as it allowed me to engage directly with the Docker team, providing insights and suggestions to refine and enhance their offerings. After that I've discovered a keen interest in contributing more actively to the Docker community. My experience in providing valuable feedback for Docker Scout has not only been rewarding but has also ignited a desire to continue this path of collaboration and innovation. I am enthusiastic about the prospect of leveraging my expertise to further enhance Docker's products and assist the community within the scope of my experience. While I may not be extensively involved in Docker forums or meetups yet, I am eager to expand my contributions, sharing my insights and learning from others, to help Docker users achieve their goals. Thank you for considering my application to join the Docker Captain Program. I look forward to the opportunity to further engage with and contribute to this vibrant community.  

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