Ulises Gascon

Architect @ One Beyond, Madrid, Spain

Ulises Gascon has more than 10 years of experience as a software engineer, having worked for companies such as Google, IBM, consultancy firms, and startups. He is a core team member and top contributor to several open source organizations and projects, including top-100 packages on the npm registry.

Ulises frequently speaks on topics such as JavaScript, Node.js, Open Source, Cloud, and Security at international meetups and conferences. He has extensive experience in building IoT with Open Hardware, Sass products, developer tools, microservices, legacy systems migration, and distributed systems.

He has contributed to several standards/communities, including the Node.js Performance Team, Node.js Build Team, TC39 JS outreach groups, Node.js Security WG, and OWASP. Ulises is also a published author, with works including “Docker Seguro”, “Cybersecurity handbook”, and “JavaScript, ¡Inspírate!”.



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