Lukasz Dynowski

Independend Consultant @ SRP Consultancy, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lukasz is Copenhagen based independent consultant who has been acquainted with Docker since 2015. He handshaked and laughed with Solomon Hykes at DockerCon 2017. Since that moment, Lukasz is recognized by his polyfilm hand that creates weird noise while typing. By day, he evangelizes Docker in an old fashion “B2B” way while sailing on the Azure sea. By night, he is sharing his expertise in various forms on

Besides that, Lukasz is a co-author and contributor to several scientific papers, including those published in high impact journals. Moreover, he was able to set up multiple open source projects and contribute to a couple of them, including Kubernetes.

Finally, Lukasz is ranked among the top 0.1% of developers in, and his tagline is “Live long and Pull Request”.



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