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Prabesh Thapa

Site Reliability Engineer @ Capsule

Prabesh Thapa is a prime advocate of Docker and containerization, recognized for his evangelism within both his professional circles and the broader community. With a solid background in DevOps and system engineering, he is dedicated to sharing his expertise through various channels, including workshops, tech talks, and digital content creation. In addition to his digital presence, Prabesh actively is involved in knowledge sharing, tech talks, and mentoring young minds. He is currently working as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Capsule. Furthermore, Prabesh demonstrates a keen interest in technology by regularly engaging in projects and proofs of concept in his home lab, which he shares on GitHub. His enthusiasm for automation and commitment to knowledge-sharing exemplify his dedication to fostering growth within these domains. He is also an Auth0 Ambassador at Okta.  

Located in: USA, San Diego, CA


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Modern Application Development
Software Secure Supply Chain

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