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Çiğdem Kadakoğlu

Senior Cloud&DevOps Engineer @ EPAM

Senior Cloud&DevOps Engineer @EPAM / Instructor, Ankara, Turkiye Çiğdem Kadakoğlu is a Senior Cloud and DevOps engineer, consultant, and instructor on Udemy. She began her career as a software engineer and then switched to DevOps. She focuses primarily on cloud, CI/CD, infrastructure automation, Docker, and Kubernetes. She has some certifications, like CKA, CKAD, and Microsoft Azure. Docker has been a favorite of hers since she first discovered it, and she has been very addicted to Docker since 2018. She likes writing technical articles about DevOps and Azure and sharing them with others. Çiğdem is counseling the companies with which she has worked on how to dockerize applications and apply the transformation of DevOps. In addition, she is teaching Docker, Kubernetes, and other DevOps-related topics in a practical and theoretical way.

Located in: Turkey, Ankara


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