David Cardozo

Chief Analyst ML Scientist @ Updata, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am a Machine Learning Scientist and technologist focused on software development. My expertise encompasses the entire life cycle of deep learning models and the broader field of machine learning. With a solid foundation in software exploitation, information security, open-source development, and DevOps practices, I possess a comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle.

Throughout my career, I have made substantial contributions to open-source projects, actively fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the machine learning community. One prominent example of my contributions is the creation of TPU images, which have played a crucial role in enabling researchers to effortlessly harness train and use TPUs in their work.

Additionally, I am an active participant in the Kubeflow community, an open-source project dedicated to making machine learning on Kubernetes.

Currently, I am leveraging my expertise as a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning and as the Chief Lead Analyst for Updata in Canada.

I speak French, Spanish and English My vision is to continue to shape the future of machine learning and technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible one container image at a time.



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