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Jorge Arteiro

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate @ Microsoft

Jorge is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Containers based in Melbourne/Australia with over 23 years in the tech industry. As former Microsoft MVP - Most Valued Professional, He developed his passion to help and sponsor the Community to get into the tech industry, to learn how to collaborate and share their own knowledge with others. He is original from Brazil, where He started his career, after finishing a Computer Science degree. He moved to Australia in 2006 with his Wife, and He has a beautiful Australian born daughter. At the age of 12, He remember when his Dad gave his first personal computer, a MSX 1.0 Hotbit Z80. On this computer, He learned about BASIC, MSX-DOS, Z80 Assembler, PASCAL, EPROM burners, matrix printers, Hard disks, Modem and so on. At the time, He could never imagine one day been working for the company behind BASIC and MSX-DOS. His advice is to never give up from your dreams, you can do it! Since 2014, He has been involved on the Containers, Kubernetes, Azure, Devops and Open Source technologies space. As Linux user since 2001, He is a big fan of multi platform development with Go Lang and .Net Core. Jorge is the founder of AzureTar community, a community to help new speakers and blog writers to develop content in English and Portuguese. His main motivation is to inspire the new generation and bring more diversity and inclusion to the technology industry, please reach out to him.

Located in: Australia, Melbourne


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