Hamida Rebai

Cloud Solution Architecte @Revenu Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Hamida Rebai is a senior Cloud Solution Architect at Revenu Quebec, has been working in the computing domain for over 13 years. She started her professional career in Tunisia as a software developer, then as a .NET consultant when she moved to Canada, she focuses on using containers and Docker in Cloud migration strategy. She has been awarded MVP in Developer Technologies, and Microsoft DevHero, and holds several Azure certifications. She is a member of the .NET Foundation. Hamida has already two books that help developers and software architects to prepare their development environment using Docker and containerize applications to deploy them on Azure, she is a blogger, she is an international speaker, and she contributed to a session on DockerCon 2022 and sessions with Microsoft events. She worked on a course about containers and using Docker Desktop with LinkedIn Learning.



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