Darragh Grealish

CTO at 56k.Cloud

Based in Switzerland working both hands-on and consulting with various international clients, Darragh is the Co-Founder of 56K.Cloud, as start-up focused on the developer tooling and cloud-native enablement of network and telecoms technologies, a former employee of Swisscom and Akamai, Darragh has over 25 years of industrial and research expearence and studied in Embedded systems and telecoms he’s at home between the interface of network edge and public cloud. Acting as the CTO at a company that partners with AWS on both 5G and Edge Cloud, he feels critical the adoption of cloud-native mindset at CSP’s and ISV’s of Telecom operators.

A member of the AWS Community Builders and ARM Innovators program, Darragh and his team works with developers across various verticals to enabled tooling and developer relations and the promotion of 5G Technlogies in a cloud-native mindset


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