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Kunchala Vikram

Senior Technical Specialist @ Sony

I am Vikram, a seasoned professional with over 9 years of experience in the fields of DevOps and Automation. Currently, I serve as a Senior Technical Specialist at Sony India. In addition to my role at Sony, I am passionate about teaching. Over the past four years, I have dedicated myself to teaching through my YouTube channel, focusing on DevOps and automation. My journey with Docker commenced in 2018, primarily focusing on containerizing microservices. Since then, I have successfully executed various Docker projects, ranging from containerizing applications on bare metals to breaking down monolithic apps into microservices. My certifications include CKA, CKAD, CKS, and Terraform Associate. During my free time, I engage in writing Python and Golang applications, which I showcase in my YouTube videos to illustrate various Docker/Kubernetes features such as multi-stage/multi-platform builds, cloud builds, scout, parallel builds, and more. These applications not only help my channel viewers in utilizing Docker but also guide them from the initial stages to delivering containerized versions of applications. My technical expertise encompasses a diverse range of tools and technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, CICD with Jenkins/GitHub Actions/Gitlab CI, Terraform, Ansible, and several scripting/programming languages. For comprehensive content, please visit my YouTube channel, DevOps Made Easy (, a testament to my commitment to better serving the community. It's not just about teaching Docker or containerization for me; it's about applying these technologies to address broader, real-world problems.  

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