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Sune Keller Architect, Alm. Brand in Copenhagen, Denmark,
I'm a developer turned architect at Alm. Brand, a financial corporation (insurance, banking, pension/life insurance, car leasing) located in Copenhagen, Denmark. My buddy from university pushed Docker to me for a while until I picked it up and started playing with it. After I showed a few colleagues how we could run our largest, most bothersome legacy app in Docker, I remember myself saying out loud: "But obviously, we'll never be running Docker in production here." Fast-forward to today, and we have both greenfield and legacy apps and services in Docker in production, and the Docker-based platform we've built is the strategic foundation for our own-developed software development, as well as for running third-party software in our datacenters. I spend a great deal of my downtime on being with my family (our daughter is soon 5 years old), and photography.
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