Laura Frank

Director of Engineering at Codeship, Berlin, Berlin Germany

As the Director of Engineering at Codeship and a Docker Captain, Laura's primary focus is making tools for other developers. At Codeship, she works on improving the Docker infrastructure and overall experience for all users of the CI/CD platform. Previously, she worked on several open source projects to support Docker in the early stages of the project, including Panamax and ImageLayers. She currently lives in Berlin. Laura tweets at @rhein_wein.



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In order to have a complex functioning system, you first need to have a simple functioning system. Your monolithic application didn’t start out as a monolith; it was a simple solution that grew in complexity. Most projects that start fresh with a multi-service approach will fail. It’s impossible to plan for a large amount of complexity, when you don’t even know what the simple solution looks like.

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Do you understand how quorum, consensus, leader election, and different scheduling algorithms can impact your running application? Could you explain these concepts to the rest of your team? Come learn about the algorithms that power all modern container orchestration platforms, and walk away with actionable steps to keep your highly available services highly available.


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