The Stars Are Aligning: Announcing our first round of speakers at DockerCon LIVE 2021

With just over a month to go before DockerCon LIVE 2021, we’re thrilled to announce our first round of speakers. We have returning favorites and compelling new first time speakers to round out your DockerCon experience. 

We received hundreds of amazing speaker proposals which made it difficult to select just a few. We set up a small team this year composed of seven Docker staff members and three Docker Captains to diligently review each proposal and deliberate once a week. We have more speakers and sessions to announce so stay tuned. 

Remember, if you haven’t registered for DockerCon, please make sure to do so now to get an early peak at the conference website.

Melissa McKay – Developer Advocate @ JFrog
The Docker and Container Ecosystem 101

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Lukonde Mwila – Senior Software Engineer @ Entelect
Docker Swarm: A Journey to the AWS Cloud


Peter Mckee – Head of Developer Relations @ Docker
Event Emcee and Panel Moderator


Bret Fisher – DevOps Consultant and Docker Captain
Panel Moderator


Julie Lerman – Software Coach and Docker Captain
Panel Member


Nick Janetakis – Full-Stack Developer and Docker Captain
Best Practices around Creating a Production Ready Web App with Docker and Docker Compose


Anuj Sharma – Software developer Engineer @ AWS
Migrate and Modernize applications with a consistent developer experience


Matt Jarvis – Senior Developer Advocate @ Snyk
My container image has 500 vulnerabilities, now what?


Alex Iankoulski – Principal Solutions Architect @ AWS and Docker Captain
Deploy and Scale your ML Workloads with Docker on AWS

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Jacob Howard – Founder @ Mutagen and Docker Captain
A Pragmatic Tour of Docker Filesystems


Michael Irwin – Application Architect @ Virginia Tech and Docker Captain
Write Once, Configure to Deploy Anywhere


Benjamin De St Paer-Gotch – Principal Product Manager @ Docker
Dev Environments – Ben De St Paer-Gotch


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