On-Demand Webinar

How IKEA Retail Leverages Docker and Kubernetes to Revolutionize Machine Learning Deployments

Join the IKEA Retail team for an engaging webinar uncovering the complexities of their end-to-end MLOps journey, covering platform development, monitoring, and management.

We’ll delve into the core of IKEA’s AI/ML deployment with Docker as they share the pivotal role it plays in their MLOps platform. You’ll gain valuable, practical knowledge directly from IKEA’s rich experience. And you’ll take away key learnings and best practices for platform development, model deployment, and effective monitoring. This is an unmissable event for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of MLOps in a real-world, large-scale retail environment.

Our speakers

Man holding a paintbrush and swiping across face revealing color in an otherwise black and white photo.

Marc Sherwood

Technical Product Marketing

Yasin Faizan Shaik Mohammed

Tech Lead for MLOps Platform

Soufiane Benzaoui

MLOps Engineer

Fernando Dorado Rueda

MLOps Engineer