On-Demand Webinar

Innovate or Imitate: The Crossroads of AI Development

The rise of AI has had major impacts on business investments. Now, many companies are at a pivotal point asking: should you buy or rent your AI?

Creating your own AI engine allows for innovation, customization, and greater control. But building and training AI models requires significant investments in GPU hardware and computing resources. This isn’t just a question of resources but a decision with strategic implications.

Join our AI and software development experts to discuss the pros and cons of each solution and learn how to best implement AI for your enterprise.

In our webinar Innovate or Imitate: The Crossroads of AI Development, we’ll discuss:

  • If custom-built or off-the-shelf solutions best achieve a competitive edge and tech leadership
  • Broader trends that these rival AI approaches signal about organizations and tech’s future
  • How tools like Docker can help you leverage pre-trained AI models and customize them to your specific needs

Our speakers

Mark Hinkle

CEO & Founder
Peripety Labs

Man holding a paintbrush and swiping across face revealing color in an otherwise black and white photo.

Marc Sherwood

Technical Product Marketing