Now Open: 2017 Docker Scholarship & Meet the 2016 Recipients!

Karen Bajza

Jan 10 2017

Last year, Docker announced our inaugural Docker Scholarship Program in partnership with Hack Reactor. The 2017 scholarship to Hack Reactor’s March cohort is now open and accepting applications.


Docker Scholarship

The scholarship includes full tuition to Hack Reactor, pending program acceptance, and recipients will be paired with a Docker mentor.

Applications will be reviewed and candidates who are accepted into the Hack Reactor program and meet Docker’s criteria will be invited to Docker HQ for a panel interview with Docker team members. Scholarships will be awarded based on acceptance to the Hack Reactor program, demonstration of personal financial need and quality of application responses. The Docker scholarship is open to anyone who demonstrates a commitment to advancing equality in their community. All gender and gender identities are encouraged to apply. Click here for more information.




We are excited to introduce our 2016 Docker scholarship recipients, Maurice Okumu and Savaughn Jones!

In their own words, learn more about Maurice and Savaughn below:

Maurice Okumu 


My name is Maurice Okumu and I was born and raised in Kenya. I came to the USA about three years ago after having lived in Dubai for more than five years where I met my wife while she was working for the military and based in Germany. We have a new baby born on the 24th of October 2016 whom we named Jared Russel.

I started coding more than one year ago and most of my knowledge I gained online on platforms such a s Khan Academy and Code Academy. Then I learned about Telegraph Academy and what they represented and was immediately drawn towards it. Telegraph aims to bridge the technology gap between the underrepresented in the field.

I am so excited that soon I will be able to seemingly create stuff out of thin air, and I am particularly excited about the prospect that I will be able to create animations and bring joy and laughter to people through my  animations as I remember growing up and seeing cartoons and how they made my day every time I watched them. Being able to be a small part of a community that will continue spreading laughter and happiness in the world is what really excites me in technology.

I have been attending Hack Reactor for two weeks now and it has been such a joy to learn so much stuff in such a short period of time. The learning pace  at hack reactor is very fast and very enjoyable at the same time because everyday I go home fulfilled with the thought that I am growing and becoming a better programmer each and every single day.

I would love to work for a medium to large company after graduation and learn even more about coding. I would also love to teach coding to kids and capture their imagination through technology. The support I am getting in my journey to become a software engineer is just amazing and overwhelming and it makes this journey very enjoyable and smoother than most undertakings I have been involved with.

Savaughn Jones


How did you hear about the Docker scholarship?

My college friend and Hack Reactor alumni told me about the Docker scholarship. I think he found out about it through a blog post.

Why did you choose Hack Reactor/Telegraph Academy and what excites you about coding?

Two of my college friends completed the Hack Reactor program and their lives improved exponentially. I have always wanted to get into coding and I heard that Hack Reactor was the Harvard of coding bootcamps.

You’ve been in the program a few weeks, describe your experience so far. What have you enjoyed the most?

I am amazed at how much I have learned in two months. I was always skeptical about learning enough to deserve the title of software engineer. The most amazing thing is the ability to learn new things.

What are your goals/plans after graduation?

I have applied for a Hacker in Residence position at Hack Reactor. It would be like a paid internship of sorts. Otherwise, my plan is to get a job ASAP and continue to pick up new skills and technologies. My ultimate goals are to develop for augmented reality platforms and start my own augmented reality based tabletop gaming company.


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  1. When I click the "Apply" button it says that submissions are no longer being accepted. Is this correct?

    • Hey Nick,
      Link was fixed after you commented. Have you been able to access the application?

      • Hello,

        I am very interested in obtaining a scholarship. While the website says it's open, when I clicked apply, it says it's now closed. I read that you'd like to award the scholarship to a female. If possible, I'd like to be considered. I have spent the last 6 years of my life as a public school middle/high school teacher, and I am trying to reinvent myself, so that I can attempt to tackle the achievement gap through technology. It takes a very long time for me to save money on a teacher's income, and factoring in commuting from the South Bay, this endeavor would cost me $23,000, which is more money that I am able to save after taxes and living expenses from 1 semester of teaching. Thank you for considering; I don't want finances to be the reason stopping me for being able to attend. Have a good day! -Victoria

  2. when you say the finalists will be paired with docker mentor. What is the role of docker mentor?


  3. This posting says the scholarship applications are now open to March cohort applicants. Will there be a scholarship for the May cohort?

    Thank you!

  4. I have tried to access the link, but it's says it's unavailable 🙁

  5. Is there any other chance during the year to get a scholarship

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