Docker Community All-Hands

Thursday, September 16, 2021 | 8am - 11am PT

Join us for our next Docker Community All-Hands! This virtual event is a unique opportunity for the Docker community to come together with Docker staff for company and product updates, live demos, community-lead breakout sessions, and a live Q&A.

8am - 9am PT (5pm - 6pm CET)

  • Live panel and Q&A with Docker CEO, CTO, VP of Engineering and Sr. Director of Product (hosted by Peter McKee)
  • Product update on Compose V2 (Steph Rifai)
  • Live Demo : Dev Environments (Guillaume Tardif)
  • Community Shout-outs (William Quiviger)

9am - 10am PT (6pm - 7pm CET)

  • Live Panel #1: Docker for Java, Javascript, Python and Go (Francesco Ciulla)
    • Panelists: Ali Al-Shabibi (Google), Sarthak Shrivastava (Bitfumes), Andrea Campanella (ONF), Rotem Sagi (Snyk)
  • Overview of the Secure Supply Chain Landscape (Brandon Mitchell)
  • Attack of the Killer Whales (Simon Aronnson)
  • Docker Adoption in Brazil (Lucas Santos) - Portuguese
  • Mejorando nuestros Dockerfiles utilizando Heredoc (Manuel Morejón) - Spanish
  • Table Ronde sur l'évolution des abonnements Docker et de Docker Desktop (Aurélie Vache & Rachid Zarouali) - French
  • Introduction to Docker (Amandeep Singh) - Hindi
  • Compose and Kubernetes (Michael Irwin)
  • Developers in Databases Getting Docker (Julie Lerman)
  • Debugging your Huge Container Images (Michael Irwin)
  • Live panel discussion (Marcos Nils, Javier Ramirez and Manuel Morejón) - Spanish
  • Buildkit - A New Docker Builder (Sujay Pillai) - Hindi
  • Dockerfile Do and Do Nots (Melissa McKay)

10am -11am PT (7pm - 8pm CET)

  • Live Panel #2: Getting Started with Containerization for Java, Javascript, Python and Go Developers (Francesco Ciulla)
    • Panelists: Safeer Mohiuddin (TinyStacks), Magno Logan (Trend Micro), Anais Ulrichs (Civo), Chris Kalmar (Contractor)
  • Running containers effortlessly on AWS apprunner (Rohan Mangal) - Hindi
  • Maintaining a Local Registry Mirror (Brandon Mitchell)
  • Meu container tem vulnerabilidades, o que preciso fazer? (Carol Valencia) - Portuguese
  • 5 Exciting IoT projects using Docker and Edge (Ajeet Singh Raina) - Hindi
  • Containerized Deployments for your SPA and API (Rob Richardson)
  • Twisting The Containers For Fun & Profit: Breaking The Container Boundary (Adhokshaj Mishra) - Hindi
  • Docker in MLOps (Ritesh Yadav) - Hindi
  • Entendendo o ecossistema de containers além do Docker (Lucas Santos) - Portuguese