November 2022 Newsletter

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Docker hacktoberfest

Docker Hub now supports OCI Artifacts!

Docker Hub can now serve as a registry for any type of application artifact! It can help you distribute WebAssembly modules, helm charts, Docker Volumes, SBOMs, and more.

Check out the most popular Docker content this month:

Security Advisory: High Severity OpenSSL Vulnerabilities
– by Christian Dupuis, Principal Software Engineer at Docker

Build, Share, and Run WebAssembly Apps Using Docker (Video)
– from Chris Crone, Director of Engineering at Docker

New in Docker Desktop 4.14: Greater Visibility Into Your Containers
– by Amy Bass, Group Product Manager at Docker

How to Implement Decentralized Storage Using Docker Extensions
– by Marton Elek, Principal Software Engineer at Storj

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Tips for using busybox

Find us at AWS re:Invent!

Did you know you can buy Docker through AWS Marketplace? Stop by booth #946 to chat about the Hardened Desktop security model, Wasm, and deploying Docker to AWS.

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