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Docker community all-hands

Community All-Hands: September 1st

Join us tomorrow at our Community All-Hands on September 1st! This virtual event is an opportunity for the community to come together with Docker staff to learn, share, and collaborate. Don’t miss your opportunity to win Docker swag!

News you can use and monthly highlights:

6 Docker Compose Best Practices for Dev and Prod – Give your development team a quick knowledge boost with these tips and best practices for using Docker Compose in development and production environments.

Docker Multistage Builds for Hugo – Learn how to keep your Docker container images nice and slim with the use of multistage builds for a hugo documentation project.

How to create a dockerized Nuxt 3 development environment – Learn how Docker simplifies and accelerates the Nuxt.js development workflow. It can also help you build a bleeding-edge, local web app while ensuring consistency between development and production.

Optimize Dockerfile images for NextJS – Is the size of your Next.js Docker image impacting your overall CI/CD pipeline? Here’s an article that’ll help you to improve the development and production lifecycle by optimizing your Docker images efficiently.

Building and Testing Multi-Arch Images with Docker Buildx and QEMU – Building Docker images for multiple architectures has become increasingly popular. This guide walks you through how to build a Docker image for linux/amd64 and linux/arm64 using Docker Buildx. It’ll also walk you through using QEMU to emulate an ARM environment for multiple platform builds.

Implementation And Containerization Of Microservices Using .NET Core 6 And Docker – This article helps you create microservices using the .NET Core 6 Web API and Docker. It’ll also walk you through how to connect them using Ocelot API Gateway.

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Testing with Telepresence

Wishing for a way to synchronize local changes with a remote Kubernetes environment? There is a Docker Extension for that! Learn how Telepresence partners with Docker Desktop to help you run integration tests quickly and where to get started.

Tips for using busybox

Dear Moby: Advice for developers

Looking for developer-specific advice and insights? Introducing our Dear Moby collection — a web series inspired by and made for YOU, our Docker community. 

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Docker Captain: Julien Maitrehenry

Julien has been working with Docker since 2014 and is now joining as a Docker Captain! His friends call him “Mister Docker” because he’s always sharing his knowledge with others. Julien’s top tip for working with Docker is to build cross-platform images.

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Docker Hub v1 API deprecation

On September 5th, 2022, Docker plans to deprecate the Docker Hub v1 API endpoints that access information related to Docker Hub repositories. Please update to the v2 endpoints to continue using the Docker Hub API.

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