Docker Navigator: Measuring DevSecOps success, GitHub Actions Docker Builds with Docker Desktop, LXC vs. Docker

Issue #0007 by Rikki EndsleyJul 10, 2024

Welcome to the July edition of Docker Navigator.
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In this edition, we delve into essential metrics for measuring DevSecOps success, compare Docker with Linux Containers (LXC), and explore the latest enhancements in Docker Desktop. Plus, don’t miss key insights from our 2024 State of Application Development Report, packed with current trends in cloud usage, AI integration, and microservices.

Screenshot of docker scout dashboard showing an overview of images across all docker scout-enabled repositories.

How to measure DevSecOps success: Key metrics explained

Explore foundational metrics for measuring DevSecOps success and learn how Docker Scout can enhance security observability in your organization.

LXC vs. Docker: Which one should you use?

Explore the key differences between Docker and Linux Containers (LXC), including use cases and technical requirements, to determine which containerization technology best suits your project needs.

Docker News

Animated view of docker desktop, showing steps to navigate to the builds view tab and use the new import builds button.

New beta feature: Deep dive into GitHub Actions Docker Builds with Docker Desktop

Find out how the new Docker Build Summary feature in GitHub Actions helps provide a deeper understanding of your Docker builds.

Banner illustration for docker desktop 4. 31 release

Docker Desktop 4.31: Air-gapped containers, accelerated Builds, and beta releases of Docker Desktop on Windows on Arm, Compose File Viewer, and GitHub Actions

Dig into the highlights from the Docker Desktop 4.31 release.

Docker launches 2024 State of Application Development Report

Explore the 2024 State of Application Development Report by Docker. Based on insights from more than 1,300 respondents, it reveals key trends in cloud usage, AI integration, and the rise of microservices. 

2400x1260 2024 report key findings

10 years since Kubernetes launched at DockerCon

Docker CEO Scott Johnston reflects on the monumental announcement of Kubernetes at DockerCon on June 10th, 2014.

Dive Deep

Using Generative AI to create runnable Markdown

Join Docker as we explore GenAI’s potential to enhance developer tools and workflows, including a new VSCode extension for generating project-specific documentation.

Understanding the Docker USER instruction

Discover best practices and common pitfalls associated with the Docker USER instruction. Also, get a hands-on demo to learn the importance of these practices. 

Getting started with Docker

The newly published Getting Started guide is designed for beginner Docker users. It includes a series of topics that teach you how to install Docker Desktop, develop with containers, and build and push your first image.

5 ways Docker helps mitigate technical debt

Discover how Docker helps mitigate technical debt by simplifying development environments, streamlining testing, and enhancing build and deployment processes, empowering developers to focus on quality and innovation.

Develop Kubernetes operators in Java without breaking a sweat

Learn how to use Testcontainers to test custom Kubernetes controllers and operators implemented in Java.

Build your own AI-driven code analysis chatbot for developers with the GenAI Stack

We explain why Code Explorer, powered by the GenAI Stack, offers a compelling solution for developers seeking AI assistance with coding.

Podcast Pod

Docker’s developer-first revolution with CTO Justin Cormack

Dive into Docker’s developer-first philosophy with CTO Justin Cormack in our latest podcast episode, exploring how Docker’s restructuring has supercharged developer productivity and company growth.

CRAFTED. is available on Apple, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays. Subscribe to Docker’s YouTube channel so you don’t miss an episode.

Scott Johnston on designing and building scalable platforms

In a podcast episode of McKinsey on Building Products, Docker CEO Scott Johnston shares insights on designing scalable platforms with a balance of standardization and flexibility, highlighting the significance of clear strategic focus and the role of internal tools in fostering a robust developer culture.

Docker Live and On-Demand Training

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