Join us and learn how to build, ship, and run Dockerized applications at scale – and improve security, reduce cost, and accelerate cloud adoption.
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Event Overview

The Mid-Atlantic and Government Docker Summit is a one-day technology conference on Wednesday, May 29 at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner, where agencies, customers and community in the public and private sector come together to learn, share and connect with each other. Attendees are a mix of technology users and IT decision makers; everyone from developers, systems admins and architects to Sr. leaders and CTO's.

Through our keynotes, business and technical breakout sessions, hands-on workshops and partner ecosystems - whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user—you’ll go home more inspired and knowledgeable than when you came.

For government attendees, the event is complimentary. There is a $160 fee for all other attendees.

Keynote Speakers

Iain Gray
EVP of Customer Success, Docker
Suzette Kent
Federal CIO of the United States
Nick Sinai
Senior Advisor, Insight Partners & Former US Deputy CTO


8:00 – 9:00am

Registration, Breakfast & Expo

9:00 – 10:30am

Welcome and Opening Keynotes:

  • The Value of a Container Platform, Iain Gray, EVP Customer Success, Docker


  • Fireside Chat: Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor, Insight Partners & Former US Deputy CTO & Suzette Kent, Federal CIO of the United States


10:30 – 10:45am

Break & Expo

10:45 – 11:30am

Breakout Sessions:

Business Track: Intro to Docker Enterprise

Docker Enterprise is helping enterprises achieve their digital and multi-cloud objectives while saving them money. Learn the importance of an enterprise container platform and how Docker Enterprise is delivers choice, agility and security. This session is designed for those just getting started with Docker.

Presented by Docker


Tech Track: Docker Enterprise: An Architecture and Operations Overview

Docker Enterprise is much more than just an application packaging format and run-time. It is an enterprise-ready container platform that automates the delivery of applications using an agile operating model with integrated security. Join members of the Docker product team as we walk through how you can leverage Docker Enterprise to construct a pipeline to create new apps on Docker Desktop or modernize traditional apps using Docker Application Converter, move apps through a secure supply chain with Docker Trusted Registry, and deploy and monitor the apps at scale in Universal Control Plane.

  • Overview and architecture of Docker Enterprise technical solution  
  • Locking down a multi-tenant deployment by limiting user access to specific cluster nodes and API/CLI/UI permissions
  • Using Compose to simplify Dev app creation while leveraging both Swarm and Kubernetes for maximum Ops flexibility
  • Creating a secure supply chain that scans your apps for vulnerabilities and cryptographically signs them for verification

Stick around for tips and tricks running Docker at scale, and demos of new features!

Presented by Docker

10:45 - 12:30pm

Workshop: Building A Secure, Automated Supply Chain

Security and compliance are always top IT priorities, especially in public sector departments. Containerization with Docker Enterprise Edition introduces new security capabilities to enable safer apps that's portable across any infrastructure. This hands on lab will walk you through the various capabilities and how to use them to address security use cases as well as leveraging Enterprise CI/CD strategies.

Presented by Docker

11:30 - 12 Noon

Breakout Sessions:

Business Track: Building your business case for Docker

Docker Enterprise will help fund innovation by reducing both the existing budget for legacy applications and the level of investment required for new applications. In this session, we’ll address the key ROI drivers from Docker Enterprise and how those can be used in building your business case. This includes both infrastructure savings and developer and operations productivity. Also we'll cover specific use cases like Windows 2008 EOL and the different impacts to consider under capex, opex, outsourced, and hybrid supply models.

Presented by Docker


Tech Track: Enterprise Swarm and Kubernetes: A Comparison in Modern Orchestrated IT 

Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, both available in Docker Enterprise, individually provide significant value to growing and modernizing IT organizations. BoxBoat will provide customer case studies of both Swarm and Kubernetes implementations that provided the quickest path to moving code faster and operating more efficiently.

Presented by Will Kinard, CTO of BoxBoat

12:00 – 1:00pm

Lunch & Expo

1:00 - 1:45pm

Breakout Sessions:

Business Track: How to build your containerization strategy

Containers are revolutionizing how software is developed, shipped, and run. But what’s right strategy for adopting containers in your business and how should they complement your existing technology landscape? Learn best practices for deploying and managing containers at scale in the enterprise. See how Docker Enterprise allows you to build applications faster while securing the application pipeline at a lower cost than traditional deployments.

Presented by Docker


Tech Track: Achieving Dev Speed and Code Quality with Continuous Behavior Testing 

Join Dr. David Brumley, CEO of ForAllSecure, as he shares a proven method known as behavior testing for achieving both development speed and code quality. In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to add continuous behavior testing to your shift-left and -right strategy.
  • How behavior testing can help agencies not only develop quickly and securely but also manage inherited risk from their software supply chain.
  • How continuous behavior testing helps agencies build more secure weapons systems and test the security of existing systems (e.g., 1647 mission).
  • Real-world use cases on how behavior testing is used to secure Dockerized applications.

 Presented by David Brumley, CEO of ForAllSecure

1:00 - 2:30pm

Workshop: Deploying Multi-OS applications with Docker Enterprise

In this lab we'll use a Docker Enterprise cluster. You will have an environment that is Linux only comprised of Windows and Linux nodes. We'll deploy both a Java web app on Linux and a multi-service application that includes both Windows and Linux components using Docker Swarm. Then we'll take a look at securing and scaling the application. Finally, we will then deploy the app using Kubernetes.

1:45 - 2:30pm

Breakout Session:

Business Track: Federal Government - why are you not using Containers? 

Containers provide agencies a path to execute their IT strategies and the ability to accelerate development, migrate to the cloud, increase automation, and adapt to missions.

Presented by Mike Howard, Director of Services Sales, Norseman


Tech Track: Modernizing Applications using Containers

William & Mary IT supports a large number applications to support administrative and academic departments on campus. The commercial and home-grown applications range from those designed for containers to applications older than our students. We’ll talk about and show demos of how we containerized some of our applications to make release cycles, system maintenance, and bursting for loads faster and easier.

Presented by Phil Fenstermacher, Linux Engineering Manager, William & Mary

2:30 - 2:45pm

Break & Expo

2:45 -3:30pm

Breakout Sessions:

Business Track: #bigwhale: An Unexpected Journey @ Lockheed Martin

June 15th, 2018, as my Agile Development Team and I were wrapping up a fantastic experience at DockerCon 2018 US and entering the BETA phase of our Enterprise Containerization as a Service (CaaS) we understood the importance and criticality of completing our work and going to production. Part 1 of our journey was now behind us and we needed to look forward to #bigwhale: An Unexpected Journey @ Lockheed Martin - Part 2.

As innovation accelerates and customer needs rapidly evolve, Lockheed Martin is becoming increasingly agile. Quickly responding to customer requirements is key, and to facilitate overall business goals, Enterprise IT is demonstrating its agility.

This presentation will focus on the steps it took to go production, expansion of our apps, services, and containers running in our Enterprise Docker cluster. I will also focus on lessons learned from running our enterprise Wordpress platform to business area app supporting enterprise scale augmented reality to health and monitoring and most importantly lessons learned around container security. I will also highlight marketing and promotion of lab services to include an internal enterprise offering of Play with Docker ran out of my I2 Labs!

Presented by Lockheed Martin


Tech Track: Containerized MEAN Stack Development with Johns Hopkins University IS

This presentation covers stand up and basic development on a MEAN stack in a containerized SWARM environment with a demo. Then, time permitting, address CI/CD integration for the deployment.

Presented by Mike Sellers, Senior Software Engineer and Ali Soylu, IT Architect - Johns Hopkins University

3:00 - 5:00pm

Workshop:   Developing New Applications with Docker App Package

Docker Application Package is like a Swiss Army Knife, enabling you to deploy every app everywhere. Through this workshop you will get hands on with this new tool and gain an understanding of how to share custom configuration file with Docker Hub or your private Docker Enterprise Registry.

*Note - knowledge of Compose files is a nice to have, not a prerequisite.

Presented by Michael Irwin, Docker Captain, Application Architect at Virginia Tech

3:30 - 4:15pm

Breakout Session:

Business Track: Accelerating Your DevOps Journey: People First. Technology Second.

In this session, we will introduce the Ascensus DevOps journey, and how we changed culture, and engineering strategy in order to accelerate DevOps in the organization. You need to consider cost, training, and what are the actual savings and output that will be experienced upon execution of the plan. Here we’ll cover topics like reducing time for delivery on application infrastructure and architecture, moving of legacy applications, increased server utilization and decreased management costs, and finally integration into our CI/CD pipeline without major disruption. Of course, all of this can’t be done without people, and DevOps is about culture, so we’ll cover how we socialized DevOps within the organization using training, sharing success stories, and helping people to envision the potential of its uses in their projects.

Presented by Patrick Santry, Director, Program Architect, Ascensus


Tech Track: Building Your Production Tech Stack for Docker Container Platform

This session will focus on the practicals of building a fully-functional stack of container cluster tools, with different options for stacking those tools from the OS-up.

We’ve all seen examples of common technologies stacks, like the good ol’ LAMP and MEAN stacks for apps, but what about lower-level infrastructure? And can we get it without cloud vendor lock in please? Oh and pure containers and infrastructure-as-code too?

With Docker, sure thing! This session will cover:

  • Which OS/Distro and Kernel to use
  • VM’s or Bare Metal
  • Recommended Swarm architectures
  • Tool stacks for “pure open source”, “cloud-service based”, and “Docker EE” scenarios
  • Demos of these tools working together including InfraKit, Docker, Swarm, Flow-Proxy, ELK, Prometheus, REX-Ray, and more.

Presented by Bret Fisher, Docker Captain, DevOps Trainer and Consultant

4:15 - 5:00pm

Breakout Session:

Tech Track: Docker Security Deep Dive

Security is a key concern for application developers and operations teams, as well as security professionals. In this talk, we will show how you can effectively defend your applications end-to-end with Docker. Learn about some of the security capabilities embedded in Docker runtime and available within the Docker Enterprise platform for managing authenticity, trust, encryption, and access controls.

Presented by Docker

5:00 – 6:00pm

Networking Reception Happy Hour & Expo

*Schedule subject to change.

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