Docker for the IT SysAdmin

Tuesday June 27th | 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Your developers just walked into your cube and said "here's the new app, I built it with Docker, and it's ready to go live". What do you do next? In this session we'll talk about what containers are and what they are not. And we'll step through a series of considerations that need to be examined when deploying containerized workloads - VMs or Container? Bare Metal or Cloud? What about capacity planning? Security? Disaster Recovery? How do I even get started?

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Docker on Windows: From 101 to Modernizing .NET Apps

Thursday June 29th | 10:00 AM Pacific Time

You can run Windows server apps natively in Docker containers on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. In this session you'll learn everything from the basics of Docker on Windows, through to running traditional .NET Framework apps in containers. If you're new to Docker on Windows, this session will show you all the benefits the Docker platform brings, and how to get started Dockerizing your own Windows apps.

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Modernize Traditional Apps and Save with Docker EE

Tuesday July 11th | 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Modernizing your applications is the first step in getting your organization ready for what comes next. And what may seem like a very risky endeavor, doesn't have to be. Docker and key industry leading partners have come together to make modernizing your legacy applications a quick and painless process. In this webinar, you'll find out exactly what MTA program is, and how it can help you transform your traditional applications into modern, scalable, containerized applications.

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How Virginia Tech Benefits from Docker

Wednesday July 12th | 11:00 AM Pacific Time

A transformation is taking place in application development for education. Come explore how Docker is changing the business of education and improving operations. Through the use of Docker, organizations are reducing time to production, simplifying the modernization of traditional applications, and accelerating the migration to the cloud. Michael Irwin, Application Architect at Virginia Tech, will be sharing his experience implementing Docker -- and the corresponding benefits -- in a 1-hour webinar on July 12 at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern. We'll also discuss how you can connect, on a secure, common platform, with your peers at other institutions to share ideas and learnings on the appropriate use of Docker in Higher Ed.

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