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Build Engineer at Demonware (Activision), Dublin, Ireland, Always optimistic Ireland

Born and raised in a small town called Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland. I've been obsessed with computers since I got my first Commodore 64. I studied Computer Science and Business Administration at Queens University Belfast. During my gap year I worked at Sun Microsystems in Dublin and loved every second of it. After graduation I moved to Dublin and worked full time at Sun as a Java QA automation engineer. Other jobs included Configuration manager at Citigroup, systems automation engineer at Oracle and currently working at Demonware (Activision) as a build engineer. I am the co-founder and organizer of ShipItCon, a Dublin based conference focusing on continuously delivering quality to customers. My free time is spent with my family, some blogging, playing about with new tech and lots of coffee drinking. I've been incredibly lucky to work with some amazing engineers over the past 15 years and I feel that it's my duty to pay that forward. I'm happy to mentor, teach, host Meetups, bootcamps etc. I like to work with those who are passionate about technology and the positive changes it can bring about in the world.



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DockerCon Europe 2017 : Highlights and Takeaways – Tom Shaw – Medium

Posted on: 10/23/2017

This week I attended my 5th DockerCon which was hosted in Copenhagen. DockerCon is my favorite conference of the year. A conference where you will meet people from many walks of life and industries. Each year after returning from DockerCon I have a list of open source tools, projects and new people to chat with. This year was different. This year I left with the realisation that I know very little and this was worth more than the price of any conference pass. The container ecosystem is evolving quickly and after being out of the loop for a few months DockerCon was exactly what I needed to get back into the zone....

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