Year in Review: The Most Viewed Docker Blog Posts of 2020 Part 2

Year in review

It’s end of year round up time! The first post in this series covered the number 10-6 most viewed Docker blog posts. If you were wondering what the #1 most viewed blog post of the year was, then keep reading. The suspense will soon be over…

 5) How to Develop Inside a Container Using Visual Studio Code Remote Containers

VS Code is another beloved tool. This guest post from Docker Community Leader Jochen Zehnder included some handy tricks for the Visual Studio Code Remote Containers extension that allows you to develop inside a container. 

4) How to deploy on remote Docker hosts with docker-compose

There was some solid Compose momentum this year. This how-to post showed an example of how to access remote docker hosts via SSH and tcp protocols in hopes to cover a large number of use-cases.

3) How To Use the Official NGINX Docker Image

NGINX is super popular, so naturally so was this tutorial that took a look at the NGINX Official Docker Image and how to use it. 

2) Containerized Python Development – Part 1

This post contained tips for how to containerize a Python service/tool and the best practices for it. Fun fact: the second post in this series was the #8 most viewed post of the year. The more you know! 

1) Apple Silicon M1 Chips and Docker

The most viewed blog post we published in 2020 covered the status of Docker on M1 chips. Lots of excitement about the new silicon and we are working to make it the best experience for developers. We are on it, promise. In fact, you can download and try the tech preview of Docker Desktop for M1 here

And here’s a bonus treat for those who made it this far – our top educational content of the year! The most popular webinars were From Docker Straight to AWS, Find and Fix Container Image Vulnerabilities with Docker and Snyk and Adding Container Security to Docker Hub. The most popular workshops were Getting Started with Docker, I Didn’t Know I Could Do That with Docker – AWS ECS Integration and I Didn’t Know I Could Do That with Docker – Python Developers

Ahhh some good times we had indeed in 2020. Thanks to everyone who learned and shared with us. What type of Docker content would you like to see in 2021? Let us know on Twitter!


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