Tips and Tricks of the Docker Captains

Adrian Mouat

Nov 01 2017

My talk at DockerCon EU was designed to provide the audience with a bunch of tips for making the most of Docker. The tips were inspired by suggestions, blogs and presentations by other Docker Captains as well members of the larger Docker community.

The motivation for the talk was to enable users to quickly gain a higher level of proficiency and understanding in Docker. The metaphor I use is with traditional carpentry tools; whilst a novice can pick up a saw and cut a piece of wood, an expert will be able to do the same job more quickly, more accurately, and with less frustration. The reason why is partly experience, but also because the expert has a more thorough understanding-of and affinity-with her tools. The tips in my talk are designed both to reduce frustration and increase efficiency when working with Docker.

To give an example, one of the tips I present is on configuring the `docker ps` output format. By default `docker ps` prints out a really long line that looks messy except on the widest of terminals. You can fix this by using the `--format` argument to pick what fields you’re interested in e.g:

 $ docker ps --format "table {{.Names}}\\t{{.Image}}\\t{{.Status}}"
 blissful_turing nginx Up 50 seconds

You can then make this the default by configuring it in your `.docker/config.json` file by adding the “psFormat” key. Brian Goff, a Docker employee, wrote a blog that goes into more details If you found this interesting and want to learn more tips, please go and check out the video and slides!


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