Solomon Hykes’ keynote video from Dockercon14

Jun 19 2014

Today, we’re happy to share with you another video from dockercon14: Solomon Hykes’ Keynote. Prior to Solomon’s talk, this video starts with a recap from day 1 and a summary of the agenda for day 2 by our CEO, Ben Golub, followed by a 5 minute talk about how Groupon uses Docker by Seth Lochen.


During his keynote, Solomon first depicted the broader picture behind Docker and its ecosystem. Other that the more obvious benefits of the Docker Engine technology (Packaging and distribution, Sandboxing, etc.), he pointed out that the real value of Docker consists in “getting people to agree on something”.


Agree on something


Solomon later put this vision into practice by introducing three new, standalone open-source projects:

  • libcontainer : a standardized interface for OS sandboxing. It’s a native Go implementation for using Linux namespaces, networking and management with no external dependencies and no effect on the host system.
  • libchan : a lean, lightweight communication protocol that provides a library for distributed computing. Libchan supports a number of transports out of the box, including: Unix socket, Raw TCP, TLS, and HTTP2/SPDY.
  • libswarm : a minimalist toolkit to orchestrate and compose network services for distributed systems. Libswarm lets you compose complex architectures from reusable building blocks and avoid vendor lock-in by swapping any service out with another. Libswarm includes an extensive library of services is included, or you can write your own using its simple API.





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