DockerCon LIVE 2021: One Month Before Lift Off

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WIth exactly one month before lift off, here’s a quick update on all the goodness that awaits you at this year’s DockerCon LIVE 2021. Like last year, we’ll have one full day of keynotes, breakout sessions across several tracks and live panels and interviews. The current agenda and full list of speakers is available on our website.  

Engaging in real-time

A big focus is live content and interaction between speakers and attendees. Our partners at The Cube have worked hard on improving their conference platform and expanding on functionality, so get ready for more real-time content and awesome new features to help speakers and attendees connect, meet, greet, share and learn from each other. 


To help set the stage, that day kick’s with must-see keynotes from Docker leadership and compelling guest speakers. We’ll have a special post about our keynote line-up on our blog soon.

Breakout sessions

We’re still building out the schedule (yes, that’s what happens when you have so much awesome content to work with!) but we anticipate that we’ll have at least 40 breakout sessions with an absolutely stellar line-up of speakers. You can find the current list of speakers here and the agenda here.

Live Panels

This year we want to put more emphasis on the word “live” in “DockerCon LIVE”. We’ll be hosting several live panels (yep, in real time!) hosted by Docker’s Head of Developer Relations, Peter McKee and Docker Captain Extraordinaire, Bret Fisher. These panels will cover a range of topics in depth, from security, to the future of container development, to running containers without infrastructure. 

Community Rooms

Building on last year’s awesome Captains on Deck track, we’re expanding on the idea and broadening the scope even further by introducing “Community Rooms”. These rooms will be virtual spaces for attendees to come together to present, demo, discuss content about Docker in their own language and/or around a specific thematic area, and in real time. For example, we’ll have a “Brazil Room” for the Portuguese-speaking community to present and talk about all things Docker in Portuguese, while the “WSL2 room” will provide a space for the attendees to present and discuss anything related to WSL2. Each room will be chaired by one or several Docker Captains and will offer 100% live content and interaction. (Stay tuned for more on this in an upcoming blog post).  

The Cube Channel

Like last year, we’ll have a dedicated track for theCUBE’s John Furrier to go behind the scenes to give exclusive interviews with keynote speakers, community leaders and ecosystem partners throughout the day.

Join Us for DockerCon LIVE 2021  
Join us for DockerCon LIVE 2021 on Thursday, May 27. DockerCon LIVE is a free, one day virtual event that is a unique experience for developers and development teams who are building the next generation of modern applications. If you want to learn about how to go from code to cloud fast and how to solve your development challenges, DockerCon LIVE 2021 offers engaging live content to help you build, share and run your applications. Register today at


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