Docker Hack Day #6 Lightning talks

Aug 07 2013

Our hackday #6 was a success, with over 60 participants and, amongst others, great talks about how people are using it in EBay, Mailgun (Rackspace) and CloudFlare. These are the lightning talks users gave during the Hack Day.

Ted Dzubia on how he uses docker at Ebay

Sasha’s presentation can be found on SpeakerDeck.

Sasha Klizhentas on how he uses docker at MailGun


Kimbro Staken from Jumpbox on Maestro

Orchestration for Multi-container Docker environment


Sebastien Pahl on how he uses docker at CloudFlare


Frederick F. Kautz on CoreOS and more



Photos of the Hack Day #6 can be found on flickr.


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