Announcing Docker AI/ML Hackathon 

With the return of DockerCon, held October 4-5 in Los Angeles, we’re excited to announce the kick-off of a Docker AI/ML Hackathon. Join us at DockerCon — in-person or virtually — to learn about the latest Docker product announcements. Then, bring your innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions to life in the hackathon for a chance to win cool prizes.

The Docker AI/ML Hackathon is open from October 3 – November 7, 2023. DockerCon in-person attendees are invited to the dedicated hackspace, where you can chat with fellow developers, Dockhands, and our partners Datastax,, Neo4J, OctoML, and Ollama

We’ll also host virtual webinars, Q&A, and engaging chats throughout the next five weeks to keep the ideas flowing.

Register for the Docker AI/ML Hackathon to participate and to be notified of event activities.

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Hackathon tips

Docker AI/ML Hackathon participants are encouraged to build solutions that are innovative, applicable in real life, use Docker technology, and have an impact on developer productivity.  Submissions can also be non-code proof-of-concepts, extensions that improve Docker workflows, or integrations to improve existing AI/ML solutions.  

Solutions should be AI/ML projects or models built using Docker technology and distributed through DockerHub, AI/ML integrations into Docker products that improve the developer experience, or extensions of Docker products that make working with AI/ML more productive.

Submissions should be a working application or a non-code proof of concept. We would like to see submissions as close to a real-world implementation as possible, but we will accept submissions that are not fully functional with a strong proof of concept. Additionally, all submissions should include a 3-5 minute video that showcases the hack along with background and context (we will not judge the submission on the quality or editing of the video itself). 

After submitting your solution, you’ll be in the running for $20,000 in cash prizes and exclusive Docker swag. Judging will be based on criteria such as the applicability of the solution, innovativeness of the solution, incorporation of Docker tooling, and impact on the developer experience and productivity.

Get started 

Follow the #DockerHackathon hashtag on social media platforms and join the Docker AI/ML Hackathon Slack channel to connect with other participants.

Check out the site for full details about the Docker AI/ML Hackathon and register to start hacking today! 

Submissions close on November 7, 2023, at 5 PM Pacific Time (November 8 at 1 AM UTC).

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