On-Demand Webinar

Managing and Securing Your Docker Workflows with Docker Business

Picture this: You have hundreds of developers using Docker every day. How do you go about onboarding and managing your users at such a scale without limiting dev productivity, and keeping security in mind? Docker Business was designed to help you do just that.

Docker Business customers get access to Docker’s powerful management features, including a centralized user admin console for managing and securing Docker workflows. In this webinar we will present a demo of the admin experience, including:

  • Setting up your organization, creating a new team, and managing team members
  • Configuring and enabling SSO and SCIM across the organization
  • Managing developer access to specific images with Image Access Management
  • Managing developer access to trusted registries with Registry Access Management

Join us to learn more about the management and security features for Docker Business and get answers to your questions on how to get started.

Our speakers

Briana Swift

Director, Customer Success Marketing

Nikhi Anand

Manager, Customer Success