Docker Navigator: Docker Turns 11, OpenSSH and XZ/liblzma, NVIDIA, OpenShift + Testcontainers, & more

Issue #0004 by Rikki EndsleyApr 11, 2024

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In the April issue of Docker Navigator, we’re celebrating Docker’s transformative 11-year journey, from its groundbreaking debut to its vision for the future. Dive into our partnership with NVIDIA for AI/ML application development, discover educational opportunities with Docker Foundations on LinkedIn Learning, and enhance your workflow with Testcontainers and OpenShift. Learn about containerd, distroless images, AI development crossroads, and more through expert insights and practical guides designed to supercharge your Docker experience and keep you ahead in the evolving tech landscape.

Docker 11years

11 years of Docker: Shaping the next decade of development

Eleven years ago, Solomon Hykes walked onto the stage at PyCon 2013 to reveal Docker to the world for the first time, and the world of application software development changed forever. Docker CEO Scott Johnston reflects on our first decade and offers a preview of how we plan to double down on meeting development teams where they are now and where they’re headed next.

OpenSSH and XZ/liblzma: A nation-state attack was thwarted, what did we learn?

“It is hard to overstate how lucky we were here, as there are no tools that will detect this vulnerability,” explains Docker CTO Justin Cormack.

Docker News

Docker kubecon paris

KubeCon EU 2024: Highlights from Paris

We round up a few highlights from KubeCon Europe 2024, held March 19-24 in Paris. And good news — the CNCF has already posted the talk recordings.

Docker partners with NVIDIA to support building and running AI/ML applications

At the NVIDIA GTC global AI conference, the latest release of NVIDIA AI Enterprise was announced, providing businesses with the tools and frameworks needed to build and deploy custom generative AI models with NVIDIA AI foundation models, the NVIDIA NeMo framework, and the just-announced NVIDIA NIM inference microservices. Learn how Docker offers an ideal way for developers to build, test, run, and deploy the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform.

Empower your development: Dive into Docker’s comprehensive learning ecosystem

Docker has taken a multifaceted approach to developer education by forging partnerships with platforms like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning, investing in our own documentation and guides, and highlighting the incredible learning content created by the developer community, including Docker Captains. A new certificate offered by LinkedIn Learning starts with three courses that are all about developing with Docker. Read our blog post to find out more about Docker’s learning ecosystem.

Improving the developer experience with Testcontainers and OpenShift

This post from Red Hat focuses on making developers’ lives easier by integrating Testcontainers with OpenShift, which simplifies testing processes without the extra hassle. It’s about streamlining your workflow with OpenShift’s capabilities to ensure you stick to your security and compliance needs without sacrificing development speed or flexibility.

Dive Deep

containerd vs. Docker: Understanding their relationship and how they work together

Learn what containerd is, how Docker and containerd work together, and how their combined strengths can improve developer experience.

Containerd docker

Is your container image really distroless?

If you missed Laurent Goderre’s talk at KubeCon, you can read this blog post or watch the recording now. He explains what makes an image distroless, tools that make the creation of distroless images practical, and the security benefits of this approach.

Generative AI guide

The Generative AI use-case guide explains how to containerize an existing GenAI application using Docker.

Building a video analysis and transcription chatbot with the GenAI Stack

Dive into a video transcription and chat project that leverages the GenAI Stack, along with seamless integration provided by Docker, to streamline video content processing and understanding.

How Ataccama accelerated its AI journey with Docker by delighting developers

Ataccama shares how the company leveraged Docker to significantly enhance its AI development journey, achieving a 75% faster deployment time and a 40% reduction in servers, alongside improvements in scalability, developer efficiency, and application performance. Visit our Resources page to see more case studies.

Docker mastery with Kubernetes + Swarm

Docker Captain Bret Fisher has a Docker-endorsed Udemy course that explains how to build, test, and deploy containers. Try this course to learn about Docker, Kubernetes, Compose, and GitHub Actions CI using DevOps.

Supercharge your Arm builds with Docker Build Cloud: Efficiency meets performance 

Docker Build Cloud introduces a game-changing solution for developers working with Arm-based devices, offering faster build times and seamless integration into existing workflows, and enabling greater focus on innovation in edge computing and cloud-native environments.

Around the Community

DevEx in action: A study of developer experience and its tangible impact

A new comprehensive study on the importance of developer experience reveals its significant impact on software delivery, developer satisfaction, and overall organizational success. 

The RedMonk programming language rankings: January 2024

This RedMonk report offers insights into the current state and future adoption trends of programming languages, analyzing GitHub and Stack Overflow data. Despite some static in the top 20 languages, the report explores the impact of AI code assistants and notable movements within the rankings, highlighting the enduring popularity and potential shifts among programming languages.

KubeCon EU 2024 Paris: Key takeaways

Did you miss KubeCon EU 2024 in Paris? Daniel Bryant‘s blog post highlights the event’s focus on AI, platform engineering, and product thinking, revealing key insights into the evolving cloud-native landscape and the central role of AI and developer experience in shaping future technologies.

Smaller Docker images by using a blanket ignore

Discover a simple yet effective strategy for significantly reducing Docker image sizes by employing a comprehensive .dockerignore strategy, as detailed by Marijke Luttekes. This approach focuses on enhancing build efficiency and security by defaulting to ignore all files, selectively including only what’s necessary. 

100+ Docker concepts you need to know

This wildly popular new YouTube video by Fireship provides a crash course on how to build Docker images, run containers, and scale your infrastructure in the cloud. 

Docker Scout: Shift left to scan vulnerabilities

In this video, Docker Captain Nilesh Gule shows how you can shift left and get ahead of security vulnerabilities using Docker Scout.

Docker Debug beta

Docker Captain Mohammad-Ali A’râbi walks through how to use Docker Debug for containers and images. 

My origin story with Docker and why I’m using it 10 years later

Docker Captain Nick Janetakis explains in a blog post and YouTube video how he started using Docker and why he’s still using it after a decade.

3 amazing new Docker features explained: Build Cloud, Scout, Init

On his YouTube channel, Travis from dives into new Docker features.

Docker Live and On-Demand Training

Skill Up with Official Docker Training 

April live sessions include Docker Admin, Docker Scout, and Office Hours with the Docker Support team where you can bring all your burning questions. Visit the Docker training site to register for upcoming live sessions and access past recordings.

On the Calendar

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