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Case Study

How Ataccama Accelerated Its AI Journey with Docker by Delighting Developers

Ataccama faced several technology and business challenges as it looked to scale further. The company saw the need to migrate from bare metal servers and legacy systems to take advantage of cloud platforms like AWS and Azure's agility, scalability, and cost efficiencies.


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White Paper

The Software Development Revolution Continued

Learn how Docker has created the #1 most used platform for developers to enhance flexibility, security, and rapid software delivery in our white paper.

White Paper

The Benefits of using Docker and Kubernetes together

Learn why Docker and Kubernetes work better together and the benefits associated in our white paper.


What Docker Can Do For Your Business

Embark on a journey into the world of containerization where we'll introduce you to container technology basics and how you can apply Docker to your business.

White Paper

Identify and Prevent Container Security Risks to Government Software

Learn about the top 5 container development security risks government agencies face (and how to prevent them) in this enlightening white paper.

White Paper

Cracking the code to developer productivity

Download our white paper and learn how to leverage the container-first approach for effective software application management.

White Paper

5 Software Supply Chain Security Best Practices

Learn how to secure your software supply chain, including its components, benefits, best practices, and more in our white paper.

Solution Brief

Enhance Government Operations with Secure Development Tools

Learn how you can use Docker to secure your software supply chain and enhance your government operations by downloading our solution brief.

White Paper

Strengthen Your Supply Chain with Secure Containers

Learn how to avoid the top container development security threats and strengthen your supply chain with Docker in our informative white paper.