Docker Navigator: Docker Hits the Racetrack & Unveils Latest Developer Tools

Issue #0003 by Rikki EndsleyMar 14, 2024

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In this issue, we give a sneak peek at Docker’s recent collaboration with Megennis Motorsport and our foray into IMSA racing, alongside a look at the latest statistics from Docker Hub. We’re also setting the record straight on containerization beyond microservices and bringing you the newest features in Docker Desktop. Plus, we’ve curated some of the latest and greatest Docker tutorials from the community. Whether you’re optimizing builds or exploring new use cases, there’s something here for every developer looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Docker.

Race car

Indulge your need for speed

Docker is sponsoring Megennis Motorsport and jumping into IMSA racing! Rev your Docker Engines, and stay tuned for additional announcements.

How many public images are on Docker Hub?

  • More than 1,000,000 recently updated images are on Docker Hub (public images pushed within the past 6 months).
  • More than 15,000 trusted content images are available on Docker Hub.
  • On average, more than 400,000 images are pushed to Docker Hub daily (public repos).

Fact check: Are containers only for microservices?

If you thought containers were solely for microservices, you wouldn’t be alone. We debunk this myth to show you how and why containers are used across different architectures.

Docker News

Docker Desktop 4.28: Enhanced file sharing and security, plus refined Builds view in Docker Build Cloud

Docker Desktop’s previous update introduced Docker Build Cloud integration, aimed at reducing build times and improving build management. In this release, we’re refining the Builds view, making it easier and faster to manage your builds.

Streamline Dockerization with Docker Init GA

We recently announced the general availability of docker init, with support for multiple languages and stacks, making containerizing your applications simpler than ever.

See 2-10x faster file operation speeds with synchronized file shares in Docker Desktop

Mutagen’s file-sharing technology, acquired by Docker, has been integrated into Docker Desktop, and the synchronized file shares feature is available now. This enhancement brings fast and flexible host-to-VM file sharing, offering a performance boost for developers dealing with extensive codebases.

Dive Deep

How to use Testcontainers on Jenkins CI

Learn how to run tests based on the open source Testcontainers framework in a Jenkins pipeline using Docker and Testcontainers Cloud.

New Docker use-case guides

False positives got you down? VEX works with Docker Scout to filter out false positives in security vulnerabilities. Learn how to get started with this powerful combo.

How to use OpenPubkey to solve key management via SSO

The OpenPubkey protocol and open source project brings the power of digital signatures to both people and workloads without adding trusted parties. OpenPubkey is built on the OpenID Connect (OIDC) SSO protocol, which major identity providers, including Google, Microsoft, Okta, and Facebook support. We explore how OpenPubkey works and look at three use cases.

Around the Community

Dive into Docker: Free introductory course

Docker Captain James Spurin launched a free introductory Docker Course on DiveInto.

Ultimate Docker Compose tutorial

Docker Captain Nana Janashia (@TechWorldwithNana) created a 1-hour tutorial all about Docker Compose that can help take you from zero to hero over your lunch break.

BuildKit in depth: Docker’s build engine explained

On the Depot site, Kyle Galbraith explains how BuildKit works, why it’s faster than Docker’s previous build engine, and what it looks like under the hood.

Code security: GitHub’s secret scanning patterns

Docker personal access tokens are officially being scanned by GitHub’s secret scanning program. Read the GitHub documentation to learn more.

Contain your excitement: A deep dive into using Tailscale with Docker

On the Tailscale blog, Alex Kretzschmar takes a deep dive into using Docker to create small, trusted networks with your friends, family, and coworkers. The post is also available as a YouTube video.

Docker init support for Java

On his YouTube channel, Docker Captain Nilesh Gule takes us through Docker Desktop and its support for Java applications via the docker init command.

Docker with Nick Janetakis

Docker Captain Nick Janetakis talks about Docker, content creation, and more on the Beyond Blocks podcast.

Whalecome new Docker Captains

Whalecome to our newest Docker Captains joining the crew! Check out the Captains Program page to meet Kunchala Vikram, Marco Franzon, Oli Sturm, Paloma Lataliza, Prabesh Thapa, Sergei Shitikov, and Will Crum.

Wikimedia’s CTO: In the age of AI, human contributors still matter

Learn why Wikimedia CTO Selena Deckelmann thinks that Wikipedia will become even more valuable in this era of machine-generated content.

Docker Live and On-Demand Training

Skill Up with Official Docker Training 

Visit the training site to see the upcoming live training and recordings on-demand.

  • Docker Admin: Set Up Your Org for Success — Learn the fundamentals and best practices to set up your Docker admin organization and manage security settings (for admin and org owners using Docker Business).
  • Docker Scout: Security Throughout Your Dev Workflow — Improve your dev workflows by building with reliability and security from the start, reducing slowdowns, eliminating security flags, and increasing speed to deployment.

On the Calendar

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe — March 19 – 22, 2024 — Paris, France. We are racing toward the finish line at KubeCon EU 2024! Join the Docker pit crew at Booth #J3 for an incredible racing experience, new product demos, and limited-edition SWAG. Other Docker at KubeCon activities not to miss: 

That’s a Wrap

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