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Issue #0001 by Rikki EndsleyJan 16, 2024

Whale hello again! And Happy New Year! We’re pleased to announce a new way to stay connected with what’s happening at Docker and in our community. Welcome to issue #1 of the Docker Newsletter, where we’ll deliver new and curated content directly to your inboxes. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an issue. Now let’s dive into what’s new (and what you might have missed).

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8 Top Docker Tips & Tricks for 2024

Docker Captain (and Docker expert) Vladimir Mikhalev rounded up helpful tips to help you optimize or get started quicker on Docker. Read “8 Top Docker Tips & Tricks for 2024” to help supercharge your productivity and solve developer problems faster with Docker.

Docker 2023: Milestones, Updates, and What’s Next

If you couldn’t keep up with all the news and announcements rolling out of Docker in 2023, you weren’t alone. Catch up with our collection of 2023 highlights, which includes new product releases and updates, new Docker features, a couple of acquisitions, and much, much more.

Docker News

Docker Desktop 4.26 Released 

Docker Desktop 4.26 supercharges performance with speed enhancements and enables admins to manage access to Docker Desktop Beta and Experimental Features. Upgrade now to take advantage of the latest updates.

Docker Whale-comes AtomicJar, Maker of Testcontainers

In December, we were excited to welcome the AtomicJar crew to the Docker family. Find out how the acquisition helps us continue our focus on improving the developer experience to maximize the time developers spend building innovative apps.

Debugging Containers in Kubernetes — It’s Complicated

The New Stack interviewed Ivan Pedrazas to learn about Docker Debug, a new tool to speed up the debugging process.

Dive Deep

How to Use OpenPubkey with GitHub Actions Workloads 

In October 2023, we announced our intention to use OpenPubkey, a project jointly developed by BastionZero and Docker and recently open-sourced and donated to the Linux Foundation, as part of our signing solution for Docker Official Images (DOI). In this recent blog post, BastionZero CTO and co-founder Ethan Heilman walks through how to use OpenPubkey to bind public keys to workload identities.

4 Best Practices to Maintain a Secure and Reliable Software Delivery Process with Docker Hub in Google Cloud

Use the guidelines to get the benefits of open source software while safeguarding your development workflow.

Docker Fundamentals: Get the Most Out of Docker

Are you getting the most out of Docker? Whether you want to optimize your existing usage, refresh your team’s knowledge, or kickstart usage of Docker tools, this session is for you. Learn how Docker can help you save time and optimize your development process.

How Docker Transforms Software Delivery and Empowers Developers at The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group’s adoption of Docker was a technological, cultural, and architectural shift that led to an annualized saving of about 52,000 developer hours, with a return on investment realized in just eight months.

Around the Community

The Ultimate Docker Cheat Sheet

Lukas Aichbauer from DevOps Cycle published a handy Docker cheat sheet you can download as a PDF or an image.

DevSecOps Tutorial for Beginners | CI Pipeline with GitHub Actions and Docker Scout

Learn the fundamentals of DevSecOps from @TechWorldwithNana and get your first hands-on experience with a practical video demo.

Learn Docker Quickly – Machine Learning Project for Absolute Beginners

On the @PythonSimplified YouTube channel, learn the concept of containers, images, and Dockerfiles, and see a step-by-step workflow for developing a simple machine learning program using the Hugging Face Transformers library.

On the Calendar

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