On-Demand Webinar

Docker Advanced: Optimize Your Image Builds

Have you struggled with optimizing your Dockerfiles and keeping them easy to maintain? Learn how to utilize multi-stage builds to increase security, improve developer workflows, and shorten deployment time.

Join us for a Docker Advanced session where we’ll dive deep into image layers, build caches, multi-stage builds, and more! This is for developers who have familiarity with Docker and are looking to build apps with complex dependencies.

  • Learn about how to create container images and multi-stage Docker Builds.
  • Understand the benefits and when it’s best to use multi-stage.
  • Watch a live demo on how to set up your first multi-stage build.
  • Engage in Q&A with the Docker team.


Our speakers

Michael Irwin

Senior Manager, Developer Relations

Christian Dupuis

Senior Principal Software Engineer