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Issue #0005 by Rikki EndsleyMay 16, 2024

Welcome to the May issue of Docker Navigator! This month, we spotlight the latest Dockerfile syntax updates (v1.7.0) that enhance your Docker workflows, alongside the enhanced security features and new beta capabilities introduced in Docker Desktop 4.29. Dive into our new educational guides — from the basics of containers to advanced topics like AI and security — to bolster your Docker expertise and development practices.

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Dive Deep

Get started with the latest updates for Dockerfile syntax (v1.7.0)

Learn about new Dockerfile (v1.7.0) capabilities and how you can leverage them in your projects to further optimize your Docker workflows.

Docker Desktop 4.29: Docker socket mount permissions in ECI, advanced error management, Moby 26, and new beta features 

Docker Desktop 4.29 introduces enhancements to secure and streamline the development process and to improve error management and workflow efficiency. With the integration of Enhanced Container Isolation (ECI) with Docker socket mount permissions, the debut of Moby 26 within Docker Desktop, and exciting features such as Docker Compose enhancements via synchronized file shares reaching Beta, we’re equipping developers with the essential resources to tackle the complexities of modern development head-on.

What is a container?

Check out our newly launched Docker concept guide to learn all about the basics of building with Docker. The guide includes a video, explanation, and hands-on module so you can try it out. 

Building images

We recently published a series of Docker concept guides on building images. Get started with the guide for understanding the image layers.

R language-specific guide

Docker Captain Marco Franzon wrote a new R language guide, which walks users through the steps for containerizing R applications using Docker. 

GenAI video transcription and chat

Docker Captain David Cardozo wrote our new guide that presents a project on video transcription and analysis using a set of technologies related to the GenAI Stack.

Face detection with TensorFlow.js

This new guide by Docker Captain Harsh Manvar introduces the seamless integration of TensorFlow.js with Docker to perform face detection.

Administration overview

Administrators can manage companies and organizations using Docker Hub or the Docker Admin Console. Check out the administration manual to learn the right setup for your organization.

Docker News

Docker ai trends report infographic

AI trends report 2024: AI’s growing role in software development

The Docker AI Trends Report 2024, a precursor to the upcoming State of Application Development Report, shows interesting AI trends among developers. Read the report for highlights and download the infographic to dig into these high-level findings. 

Next-level error handling: How Docker Desktop 4.29 aims to simplify developer challenges

Learn how the Docker Desktop 4.29 release elevates the user experience by fundamentally redefining error management. 

From misconceptions to mastery: Enhancing security and transparency with Docker Official Images

We address three common misconceptions about Docker Official Images and outline seven ways they help secure the software supply chain.

Debian’s dedication to security: A robust foundation for Docker developers

We dig into how and why Debian operates as a secure basis for development.

Works on my computer: Interview with Docker CTO Justin Cormack

Gerhard Lazu interviewed Docker CTO Justin Cormack at KubeCon EU. Watch the video on YouTube now.

Better debugging: How the Signal0ne Docker extension uses AI to simplify container troubleshooting

AI can already help developers write code, so why not help developers understand their systems, too? 

A promising methodology for testing GenAI applications in Java

Despite progress, testing applications that incorporate artificial intelligence remains challenging. Read about a promising methodology for testing GenAI applications.

Around the Community

Testcontainers have forever changed the way I write tests

Watch the Dreams of Code video to learn how the Testcontainers package can help you test against real services in a way that doesn’t lead to flaky tests. 

Building Bluesky: A distributed social network

Dive into the engineering journey behind Bluesky, a decentralized social network alternative to Twitter. 

Building minimal and low CVE images for compiled languages

Docker Captain Adrian Mouat explains how he makes images smaller and more secure at Chainguard.

Docker and DevOps training collection

Check out this collection of how-to guides from Docker Captain Darragh Grealish that enable developers to get started in cloud-native technologies built on top of Docker.

Cloud security engineer roadmap for beginners

The Tech With Soleyman YouTube channel walks through how to become a cloud security engineer, including how to incorporate Docker Build Cloud.

Complete Docker course in 30 min

Learn Docker from scratch with a hands-on demo containerizing a NodeJs application from Cloud Champ.

Docker Live and On-Demand Training

We now offer monthly live trainings to get you on-boarded as a developer or admin for your organization. Register today for an upcoming session.

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