Women of Docker

At Docker, we know that differences in backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and skills help bring new ideas to our company. We welcome and celebrate these differences. Docker is proud to have created a workforce that consists of many exceptional women. We are committed to creating a diverse workforce and inclusive culture for all. Docker supports the career development and advancement of all of its female employees.

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“Docker has been flexible with working hours and childcare since my very first day and I’ve never felt “frowned upon’ or scrutinised for having to drop off a call early for a school pick-up or take time off for childhood illness. The culture is open, considerate, respectful and values the voices of all employees, no matter their level or role.”

Rosie Garcia, Manager, Technical Program Management

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Docker Women’s ERG

The mission of the Docker Women’s ERG is to foster a safe space for the women at Docker and their allies while positively impacting Docker’s growth and development.The group is open to all Docker employees on a voluntary basis. Group members can enjoy the benefits of networking, career development, education, and guest speakers.

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“As a woman in tech. it’s important to me to feel heard and supported by the organization I’m a part of. My colleagues and I formed an employee resource group for Women at Docker, and I’ve received overwhelming support from leadership and my peers for not only the employee resource group, but also my professional development!”

Emma Wolin, Account Executive

Docker Offers Benefits and Perks that Women Want

Freedom and Flexibility

  • Remote Work – Work from where you are.
  • Flexible Work Schedule – Fit your work around your life

Professional Development

  • Internal Promotion of Talented Women
  • Training Stipends to Support Learning and Career Advancement
  • Docker Women’s ERG
  • Guest Speakers to Educate, Encourage, and Inspire

Time Off

  • Paid Time Off – We encourage you to use time to recharge.
  • “Whaleness Days” – At least one company wide day off per month. Everyone is off so there’s no work waiting for you when you return!

Health and Wellness

  • 100% Paid Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity, Parental, and Family Leave
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“When I joined Docker. I was excited to learn and grow my career and have the flexibility of being a working mom. I appreciate that the culture of our company supports both. It’s been refreshing!”

Jere Duffin, Sr. Technical Writer

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Diversity and Women in Tech

At Docker, we feel strongly about embracing diversity and we are committed to being proactive with respect to inclusion. As an example of our support for diversity, during our DockerCon 2021, we hosted Community Rooms with panels and sessions for our global audience in their native languages. We highlighted the contributions from our women Captains and community developers.

At DockerCon 2021, we hosted a Women in Tech panel focused on the breadth and depth of knowledge from our panelists and their experiences using Docker technology throughout their career. We are looking forward to hosting more of these women in tech events in the future.

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Inspiring Women of Docker: Amn Rahman

One of our Docker women, Amn Rahman, was featured in our women in tech profile in 2019. Since then, Amn’s career has continued to grow and is now a Sr. Manager of Data Engineering. Amn has developed her career at Docker and encouraged women around her with her hard work and dedication.

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“The number of women in leadership positions at Docker is inspiring. Docker sees the value of and wants women to succeed here. Being surrounded by so many talented women in this workplace has been amazing. Everyone is so respectful and supportive of one another. It really is a great environment for women to grow their career.”

Trish Allsopp, Recruiting Coordinator

Anca Iordache Shares Docker Compose with the Developer Community

Anca lordache, one of our talented engineers, gave an amazing talk during our Docker Community All Hands in December 2021. Anca lordache is a Software Engineer I who presented “Awesome Compose: Start RunningYour Container Now.”

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container applications. With Compose, you use a simple YAML file to configure your application’s services. The ‘awesome-compose’ Github repository was created to help developers learn about Docker Compose. It provides several Compose application samples spanning different technologies, enabling developers to get started quickly. In this talk, Anca explains why we created “awesome-compose” and demo some of the application samples from the repo.