Women in Tech Week Profile: Jenny Fong

Oct 9 2019

We’re continuing our celebration of Women in Tech Week with another profile of one of many of the amazing women who make a tremendous impact at Docker – this week, and every week – helping developers build modern apps. 

Jenny fong
Jenny Fong is a Senior Director of Product Marketing at Docker. Follow her on Twitter @TechGalJenny.
Jenny f icebreaker

What is your job? 

Senior Director of Product Marketing.

How long have you worked at Docker? 

2 ½ years.

Is your current role one that you always intended on your career path? 

Nope! I studied engineering and started in a technical role at a semiconductor company. I realized there that I really enjoyed helping others understand how technology works, and that led me to Product Marketing! What I love about the role is that it’s extremely cross-functional. You work closely with engineering, product management, sales and marketing, and it requires both left brain and right brain skills. My technical background helps me to understand our products, while my creative side helps me communicate our products’ core value propositions. 

What is your advice for someone entering the field?

It’s always good to be self-aware. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and look for opportunities that align to your strengths or give you a chance to work on areas you wish to develop. You’ll be able to shine and you’ll be happier too!

Tell us about a favorite moment or memory at Docker or from your career? 

My second week at Docker was DockerCon in Austin in 2017. I met a few of our customers who were speaking at the event, and they spoke with such passion and excitement about the projects they led and the outcomes they delivered to their organizations. I knew I had made the right decision to join Docker at that moment.

What do you do to get “unstuck” on a really difficult problem/design/bug?

I love using analogies! If you can’t wrap your head around a new problem, is it similar to any other problems? The analogy can sometimes help you test some ideas – if it’s true for the analogy, is it true for your particular problem? 

What is your superpower? 

Puzzles! I love solving puzzles – both literal ones (I’m a daily NY Times crossword solver and always love a good jigsaw puzzle), and business ones (launching a new product to a new market). 

What is your definition of success?

Beyond job titles and awards, I think success is when you’ve helped someone else. That could be helping them to do their job faster, helping them learn about something new, helping them close the deal or finish the project. When you help someone else, you’re impacting her or his life, and that is very rewarding. 


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