Keynote videos from DockerCon14 – Day 2

Jun 20 2014

Following Solomon’s keynote video published yesterday, we’re happy to share with you the last two keynote videos from DockerCon day 2:

  • Jerry Cuomo, Websphere CTO at IBM
  • Eric Brewer, VP of infrastructure at Google

Starting next week, we’ll be publishing several breakout session videos per day. Stay tuned!

Jerry Cuomo, WebSphere CTO at IBM

Jerry Cuomo’s Dockercon14 keynote presentation covers the concept of a borderless cloud, and why “going borderless” is an important thing for the IT industry. Jerry and Andrew Spyker also talk about the Open Source Release of IBM Acme Air / NetflixOSS on Docker.





Eric Brewer, VP of Infrastructure at Google

In this presentation, Eric Brewer first describes the pros and cons of virtual containers. He later talks about LMCTFY (the open source version of Google’s container stack), Pods (groups of nested containers) and introduces Kubernetes: an open source implementation of container cluster management.





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