Joining Docker as SVP of Product

Feb 25 2014


Having kept tabs on Docker since its dotCloud days, I’m excited to come aboard this week. Ben and Solomon are building a great community, team, and company, and it’s a privilege to join at this stage of growth.

Spurred in many ways by the increasing adoption of cloud and virtualization, the pressure on developers and operations to ship apps and updates faster, at scale, with quality, has never been greater. And while this pressure will never ever be fully satisfied, the rapid growth and enthusiastic engagement of the Docker community in the first year of its life highlight the interest in the disruptive role Docker can play here.

The chance to work on this with the Docker community and team is what drew me to the company. Having experienced first at Loudcloud (the birthplace of the IT automation software Opsware) and then at Puppet Labs how such technologies can re-define IT, Docker is similarly poised to have a big impact. (And the opportunity to once again work with James Turnbull was yet another benefit ;-).

There’s much to do as Docker begins its second year, and I look forward to getting together and discussing Docker with community members at meet-ups, DockerCon, and other events. In the interim, feel free to drop me an email anytime, and see you soon!

Scott Johnston




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