Happy Birthday Docker!


Mar 20 2014



It’s been a year now since Docker was launched. Solomon Hykes, first demoed it during PyCon 2013, it then leaked on Hacker News, and several days later Docker was officially launched and open sourced.

Since then, 370 contributors joined the project, 60+ Docker Meetup Groups were launched in 27 different countries, Docker has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times, dotCloud became Docker and recently announced DockerCon.

Docker would not have much significance without its massive community. We’ve noticed some amazing things about you that we’ve listed for our 1 year celebration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Docker Contributors Interactive Map

mapclick on the map to open it.


The Evolution of Docker on GitHub

The Docker Meetup Groups Expansion




More about the Birthday

Docker: One Year, by Jerry Chen

Press release by Docker


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Docker!

  1. Happy Birthday Docker!

  2. Those 80 people from the Atlantic ocean must have a hell of a boat

  3. Don’t forget Docker Chicago (http://www.meetup.com/Docker-Chicago/) in your next infographic! 1st meetup was 2/2014.

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