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Dec 06 2013

The biggest Docker event (so far)!

This week was the first-of-its-kind Docker Global Hack Day! The growing number of Docker meetup groups around the globe has convinced us to organize an event that would bring the whole Docker community together despite the time difference. Such a global event would have never been possible without the engagement of every participants and the help of our meetup group co-organizers that managed to find places to host local editions of the Global Hack Day. With more than 400 participants worldwide (including the people registered for the remote edition) and 8 local editions, we are very thankful for such an awesomely active community. With such a great push from the community, we are confident that both Docker itself and upcoming Docker events will only get better and better.

We have received numerous videos of participants demoing their hacks. You can watch all these videos here below and review the source code of most hacks on GitHub.


You can view all the photos from the Docker Global Hack Day on our Flickr photostream. If you have photos from a local edition please send them to us at

boot2Docker demo by Steeve Morin (Paris, France)

Once click launcher widget by Nate Aune and Filip Jukić (San Francisco, CA)


JAIRO cloud back-up site prototype with Docker and etcd by Yazawa Satoshi and Shigetoshi Yokoyama (Tokyo, Japan)


Deploy Meteor with Docker by Wei-Ting Kuo (Taipei, Taiwan)

Auto-Deployment with Git/Jenkins by Pierre Padrixe and Julien Vey (Paris, France)


[speakerdeck url=”” width=”560″]  

WHARF, on demand SaaS by Charlie Lewis (San Francisco, CA)

Continuous Integration with Docker by Brad Rydzewski (San Francisco, CA)

How to contribute to the Docker project by Solomon Hykes and Michael Crosby (San Francisco, CA)

Blog posts from the Global Hack Day:

Docker container network portability by Sven Dowideit

Running tests in parallel using Rake, Fork and Docker by Paul R Alexander

Tiny Docker Pieces, Loosely Joined by Tom Offermann


Other GitHub repositories from the Global Hack Day:

A suite of tools to help with docker deployments in a production setting by Giant Monkey Software Engineering GmbH

A reveal.js version of the “Intro to Docker” slide deck by John Lewis

Google Cloud Platform installation docs by Johan Euphrosine

Build docker images for java apps from the comfort of your gradle build script (gradle-docker plugin) by Matthias Grüter

Add p2p image transfer to docker by Victor Vieux

A simple ambassador container by Sven Dowideit

Lightweight CLI for development using Vagrant + Docker by Joshua Bellamy-Henn


Are you Interested in attending a Docker meetup or workshop? Take a look at our upcoming events.


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