Enterprise Solution Offerings: Ensuring Success Across Your Entire Application Portfolio

May 2 2019

This week at DockerCon 2019, we shared our strategy for helping companies realize the benefits of digital transformation through new enterprise solution offerings that address the most common application profile in their portfolio. Our new enterprise solution offerings include the Docker platform, new tooling and services needed to migrate your applications. Building on the success and the experience from the Modernize Traditional Applications (MTA) program and Docker Enterprise 3.0, we are excited to expand our solutions and play an even greater role in our customers’ innovation strategy by offering a complete and comprehensive path to application containerization.

Application Profiles

When you hear about different application profiles, you may think about different languages or frameworks or even different application architectures like microservices and monoliths. But one of the benefits of containerization is that all application dependencies are abstracted away and what you have is a container that can be deployed consistently across different infrastructure.

In our work with many enterprise organizations, we’ve validated that the successful adoption of a container strategy is just as much about the people and processes as it is about the technology. There are 3 behavioral patterns that matter and that is dependent on what you want to accomplish with containers:

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  • Modernizing brownfield applications are a great way to begin your container journey because they tend to receive a lot of attention inside the organization. These are applications that are under active development but are based on existing code bases. In other words, there are both developers AND operators that are actively supporting these applications. Modernizing these applications typically involves containerizing the existing application and making modifications like the addition of microservices to make them more agile or integrated with other systems.
  • Accelerating greenfield applications of any architecture involves arming your developers with the tools and practices to build and ship production-ready applications. New apps can be cloud-native and microservices, but they can also be n-tier applications or even monoliths. The key is to accelerate developer productivity and remove any friction in the process.
  • Replatforming legacy applications is a practical way to extend the life of existing applications while making them more portable and easier to operate. Containerizing these legacy applications also delivers significant cost savings for organizations through increased CPU utilization and server consolidation.

Proven Methodology

Docker’s solution offerings are based on a proven, outcomes-based methodology that takes into account an organization’s unique characteristics. It’s a comprehensive approach based on 4 workstreams – Governance, Pipeline, Platform and Applications.  The aim of these workstreams is to establish and operationalize the Docker Enterprise platform for your applications in production – no matter which application profile.

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  • Governance: Ensures that the team is organized, equipped and enabled to deliver and support Docker Enterprise for the on-boarding of applications to the platform
  • Platform: Activities in which the team defines, deploys, integrates and operates the Docker Enterprise platform
  • Pipeline: Activities in which the team defines, deploys, integrates, and operates the CI/CD delivery pipeline which builds and deploys applications to run on the Docker Enterprise platform
  • Applications: Activities in which the team defines, migrates, deploys, and operates workloads to run on the Docker Enterprise Platform; this workstream is repeated per application at scale in an on-boarding process.

Build a Path to Success

Every organization is faced with the challenge of digital transformation, but there are many different paths you can take, depending on your organization’s priorities – and sometimes what projects are getting funded. 

If you are not sure where to start, our experience is that starting with your brownfield applications will deliver the most immediate value back to your organization. From there, we can work with you to identify the next batch of applications to containerize. Here is one recommended path forward:

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Docker Customer Success aims to accelerate our customers’ adoption of containerization. We are excited to share our new solutions offerings based on Docker Enterprise 3.0 and look forward to working with your organization to deliver on your digital transformation objectives.

For more information, please check out these resources:


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